The Ultimate Green Pool Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Green Pool Cleaning Guide

The Ultimate Green Pool Cleaning Guide


An algae-infested pool is nobody’s idea of summer fun. However, in hotspots like Winter Park, FL, where the climate is the perfect breeding ground for all sorts of unsightly green gunk, knowing how to turn your eerily green pool back to its inviting blue within a matter of days is invaluable. If your swimming oasis has taken on a life of its own, don’t drain it just yet! Follow our go-to guide for swift green pool remediation, ensuring you can splash back into summer within no time.


Understanding the Culprit: What Causes Pool Water to Turn Green?

Before you launch into an all-out chemical assault, it’s crucial to understand the root cause of your green pool. Algae are the usual suspects, thriving in warm, stagnant, and poorly sanitized water. But why did they choose your pool? Anything from poor pH levels and insufficient chlorine to environmental debris and lack of circulation could be to blame.

Assessing the Scope of the Problem

Is your pool lightly tinted, or are you considering growing gills to swim among the algae? The severity of the problem dictates the solution. A lightly green pool may be tackled over a weekend, while a dark green pool might take a week’s worth of diligence.

Step by Step Green Pool Cleaning

1. The Preparation Phase: Safety First

Don’t leap before you look—or in this case—read the chemical labels. Protect yourself with gloves and goggles, and ensure children and pets stay away from the cleaning area.

2. Brush and Skim Away the Surface

Algae often form a film on the water’s surface. Use a pool skimmer or handheld net to remove as much debris as possible. Next, utilize a stiff-bristled pool brush to scrub the pool’s walls, steps, and floor, dislodging the algae for easier treatment.

3. Check and Balance the Water’s pH Levels

Proper pH levels make your pool water inhospitable to algae. Lower a high pH with muriatic acid or sodium bisulfate (dry acid), and raise a low pH with soda ash or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). Aim for a range between 7.2 and 7.6.

4. Shock the Pool with Chlorine

Super chlorination or ‘shocking’ the pool with a high dose of chlorine kills the existing algae and sanitizes the water. Use a granular sanitizer or a non-chlorine shock treatment for a gentler option.

5. Run the Filters 24/7

Algae love still waters. By running your pool’s pump and filter system continuously, you prevent the spores from settling again. Cleaning or backwashing your filters as needed is also vital to maintain water circulation.

6. Add an Algaecide for Extra Punch

For advanced cases, especially those with persistent green coloring after shocking, an algaecide can be added to the regimen. Opt for a non-foaming variant to avoid more surface debris.

7. Maintain and Test Regularly

Gradually shift to a regular pool maintenance routine, testing the water weekly. Keep the pool chemicals balanced and the water circulating for a summer-long algae-free zone.

Preventing a Repeat Incident

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Regular upkeep, incorporating the above steps during weekly maintenance, and keeping an eye on the seasonal changes in your pool's environment will significantly reduce the likelihood of another green pool surprise.

The Power of Professional Pool Cleaning

If tackling a green pool feels as daunting as preparing for a marathon, consider the services of a professional pool cleaner. Teams like Pure & Simple Pool Care employ expert knowledge and industrial-strength equipment for a pristine pool in a fraction of the time.


Reclaim Your Summer with Pure & Simple Pool Care

For Winter Park residents looking to outsource their green pool crisis, Pure & Simple Pool Care offers top-tier service that combines industry expertise with a personal touch. Our efficient and eco-friendly cleaning practices are designed to save your summer, one sparkling pool at a time. If you're looking for a pool service in Winter Park, FL, contact us today and take the first step towards crystal-clear waters that beckon like summer’s siren call. Your friends and family will thank you.