The Trichlor Chlorine Shortage & How to Maintain Pool Sanitation

The Trichlor Chlorine Shortage & How to Maintain Pool Sanitation

The Trichlor Chlorine Shortage & How to Maintain Pool Sanitation


If you own a pool, then you know that chlorine is essential in keeping the water free of germs and bacteria. Unfortunately, one of the main forms of chlorine used for pools, trichlor, is currently facing a shortage due to high demand. This means pool owners are having to explore different ways to maintain sanitation without this key ingredient. Here’s what you need to know about the trichlor chlorine shortage and alternative methods for keeping your pool clean.

What is Trichlor Chlorine?

Trichlor chlorine granules are a form of stabilized chlorine commonly used in residential pools. It has been available since the 1950s and is highly effective in killing bacteria while also controlling pH levels (making it easier on your skin). It’s also very affordable, so it’s no wonder why it’s been so popular among pool owners over the years.


Why is There a Shortage?

The recent surge in pool sales due to COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented spike in demand for trichlor chlorine granules. As a result, many manufacturers have run out of stock or are facing delays in production because their supply chains have been disrupted due to global pandemic conditions. Additionally, some distributors have implemented purchasing limits on customers in order to ensure there is enough product for everyone.


How Can You Maintain Sanitation Without Trichlor?

The good news is that there are other options available if you find yourself unable to get hold of trichlor chlorine granules. For example, liquid chlorine can be added directly into your pool water as needed or shock treatments can be used on a weekly basis as part of your regular maintenance routine. These methods are just as effective at killing germs and bacteria as trichlor but may require additional testing of pH levels and regular adjustments with chemicals like muriatic acid or soda ash depending on your particular setup.



Maintaining proper sanitation in your swimming pool is essential for both safety and enjoyment purposes—and when it comes to achieving this goal, trichlor chlorine granules play an important role. However, due to the current shortage situation, many pool owners are having to look at alternative solutions such as liquid chlorine or shock treatments instead. It's important that you take extra care when using these methods—regularly testing pH levels and making adjustments with chemicals when necessary—in order to ensure that your swimming experience remains safe and enjoyable throughout the season! Are you looking for reliable pool services in Orlando? Contact Pure and Simple Pool Care today for a free estimate!