How to Properly Vacuum Your Pool

How to Properly Vacuum Your Pool

How to Properly Vacuum Your Pool


Keeping your pool clean and well-maintained is essential in order to ensure it remains healthy and safe for swimming. A key step in maintaining a clean pool is regular vacuuming, which removes dirt, debris, and other contaminants that can build up over time. While you can call a professional pool service like Pool Service Winter Park to help with vacuuming and other maintenance tasks, understanding the basics of proper pool vacuuming will help you keep your pool looking its best between visits from the pros. Read on to learn more about how to properly vacuum your pool.

Gather Your Supplies

The first step in properly vacuuming your pool is gathering all the supplies you’ll need—namely, a vacuum head, brushes for cleaning walls, a telescoping pole, a vacuum hose (if needed), and a leaf skimmer. Also make sure that your filter system is working properly before you start vacuuming.


Preparing the Vacuum Head

Before beginning the actual vacuuming process, attach the hose from the skimmer basket to the vacuum head. Doing this will ensure that any debris that’s collected during vacuuming goes directly into the skimmer basket for easy removal. Make sure not to use too much pressure when attaching the hose; excessive pressure may damage or even break your equipment.


Vacuum Your Pool

Now it’s time to actually start vacuuming your pool! You should begin by brushing any surfaces around where you plan on starting in order to loosen any dirt or debris that has collected there so it can be removed more easily while you are vacuuming. Then slowly lower the vacuum head into the water and move it back and forth along each area of the floor until all of that section has been thoroughly cleaned. Keep an eye out for any stubborn spots as you vacuum; if needed, use more pressure or additional passes over tough areas in order to make sure they are properly cleaned before moving on to another section of your pool floor. When finished with one section of flooring, repeat these steps until all sections have been successfully vacuumed.


After Vacuuming Carefully Remove Vacuum Head

Once you are finished with vacuuming your entire pool floor, carefully lift up the vacuum head using your telescoping pole and remove it from the water without splashing yourself or others nearby who may be swimming in or near your pool at this time. Make sure not to leave any hoses attached after removing the vacuum head; doing so could cause damage or injury if someone were to accidentally trip on them while they remain outside of their original position near where they were being used earlier while cleaning the flooring of your swimming pool area.


Properly vacuuming your swimming pool is an essential part of keeping it clean and healthy for everyone who swims in it—including yourself! While professional services like Pure & Simple Poolcare Winter Park can help with this task as well as many others related to maintaining a beautiful backyard oasis, following these simple steps can help ensure that you get optimal results every time when taking care of this important chore on your own! With just a few minutes spent preparing beforehand and following our directions closely during each step of this process, you'll soon be enjoying crystal clear waters perfect for lounging and swimming alike!

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