3 Ways to Automate Your Pool Cleaning Routine

3 Ways to Automate Your Pool Cleaning Routine

3 Ways to Automate Your Pool Cleaning Routine

As a pool service in Winter Park, we help pool owners simplify their pool care schedules and routines. One of the best ways to do this is to add automation to the process. Not only will automating your pool care routine make your life less stressful, but it can also save time and energy. It is easy to neglect your responsibilities to your pool when life picks up out of nowhere. You may not check the chemical balance, or don't always skim or scrub the pool. You find yourself cutting corners on seemingly unimportant tasks.

You shouldn't ever cut corners on the cleanliness of your pool. Yes, pool maintenance is challenging on time. You just need to automate your routine more, to free up your day to see to other tasks. These are a few ways that you can automate your pool cleaning routine.

Chemical Monitoring & Balance

The chemical balance in your pool is important. Not just for the cleanliness of the water, but the safety of it for the swimmers. You can easily automate the task of monitoring and balancing your chemicals in the pool water. Here is how:

  • Pool Chemical Monitor - These monitors will float along the surface of the pool. When an imbalance is detected, it will inform you what is needed to restore the balance.
  • Chemical Feeder - These feeders will take the tablets you give it and feed it out at your chosen rate/speed. The only chemical that can really be automated is your sanitizer. PH and alkalinity boosters are still your responsibility.
  • Saltwater Chlorine Generator - A solution to adding chlorine is the saltwater chlorine Generator. Without chemicals, it will produce chlorine using salt. The process is called electrolysis.

Automatic Pool Cleaning Equipment

Chemical balancing isn't the only way you can automate your pool cleaning routine. In fact, you are able to make the process of keeping your pool clean so much easier. Here is what you need to make pool cleaning more automated:

  • Automatic Pool Surface Skimmer - Paired with your manual skimmer, and a built-in skimmer, this is the most efficient way to keep the pool clean.
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner - These wall-climbing, floor-scrubbing, mechanical pool people will handle upwards of 70% of the actual cleaning for you.

Maintaining Water Levels

Water levels, while not cleaning maintenance, can be monitored automatically. They can also be maintained the same way too. Here is how to automate the process of monitoring your pool's water level:

  • Automatic Leveler - This will automatically add water when needed. It also monitors the water level. Combine with a cover to maintain water usage and levels.
  • Electric Solar Cover Reel - Open and close the solar cover with the push of a button.

Even if your cleaning routine is automated, you should still always pay attention to your chemical balance. Also, don't be afraid to scrub and skim your pool the old fashioned way from time to time. If you find yourself in need of some extra help, contact our pool service in Winter Park to hear more today.