Weekly Maintenance for Your Florida Pool

Weekly Maintenance for Your Florida Pool

Weekly Maintenance for Your Florida Pool

Pool owners need to take care of their water to keep it balanced and safe for swimming. When you own a pool in Florida, you have year-round access to enjoy the sunshine and get relief from even the hottest days without having to go inside the house. Pool maintenance, however, can be a burden if you live a busy lifestyle or have a demanding job. Our pool service in Orlando helps to care for your pool so that you can enjoy all the perks of pool ownership without any hassle. When it comes to caring for your pool, you should perform these maintenance tasks on a weekly basis.

Test Your Pool’s Chemicals

To ensure that you water stays balanced and safe for swimming, you should test the chemicals inside your pool water each week. Water testing kits are available to make this task simple. All you have to do is dip the test strip into the pool water and compare the strip with the standard. If there are discrepancies in the level of chemicals, you will then need to add the necessary chemicals to the water. This will keep your water balanced in chlorine so that it is always ready for swimming.

Skim the Water Surface

Leaves and other debris can quickly make their way into your pool. To prevent the buildup of debris, you should take the pool skimmer and clean the pool’s water surface. Typically, you can clean the entire surface of the pool without ever having to get in the water. Removing any floating debris will also help to prevent any clogging in your filter, as all of the debris will eventually make its way through these elements if they are not cleared out.

Vacuum the Bottom

You should get in the habit of vacuuming the bottom of your pool to remove any dirt sediment or algae buildup that can occur over time. By doing this once a week, you can keep your pool clean and avoid any stains or eyesores. Many people opt to get a smart vacuum for their pool, which can help you save time by not having to manually push the vacuum around yourself.

Top Off the Water Level

When you have parties or your kids enjoy a lot of splashing in the pool, you may notice that the water level is dropping.  This can also be caused by evaporation over time, especially in the heat of the summer. Each week, you should check the pool water levels and top off when needed.  Keeping your water at an appropriate level is necessary for the functioning of your pool filter and other pool technology.

By setting a weekly maintenance list, you can keep your pool in tip-top shape so that you can always have swim-ready water. If you want to hire professionals to care for your pool, contact our quality pool service in Orlando to hear about our services today.