Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Swimming Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Tips

Forgetting to clean or maintain your swimming pool can lead to calcium scale, metal stains, and murky water. In addition, failing to follow through with pool maintenance and cleaning can also lead to the need for costly repairs and replacements in the future. With the following tips and tricks on caring for your pool from our experts on pool service in Winter Park, you can avoid pool problems like warped liners, cracked pool tiles, and clogged filters.

Increase pH levels and alkalinity by using baking soda to clean pool tiles.

Baking soda and an old toothbrush can transform the tiles of your pool. Scrubbing dirty areas of your pool with baking soda and a toothbrush once to twice weekly can help discourage algae growth.

Absorb oil with old tennis balls.

The nylon and wool on old tennis balls can absorb any leftover oils in your pool water from sebum and sunscreen on people's skin.

Get rid of metal stains with lemon slices or vitamin C tablets.

It is disappointing to find metal stains on your swimming pool. However, you can find the perfect solution to this problem in your kitchen. You can skillfully wrap vitamin C tablets in a cloth and use it to scrub away metal stains from the corners of your pool. Lemon slices are off so effective for removing these pesky stains.

Use an old window screen to skim the pool.

If you have old window screens lying around, they can be used as a pool skimmer. Throw in an old pool stick or broomstick with a piece of wire, and you can make yourself a skimmer that has a handle.

Buy a robotic pool cleaner.

You can save money, time, and energy by investing in a robotic pool cleaner to maintain your pool. Most of these technologically advanced cleaners can climb pool walls and clean your pool tiles, reducing the need for scrubbing your pool.

Run your pump two times a day.

Running your pool pump twice daily will help keep it in excellent shape, even if it sounds tedious. Use old pantyhose to filter out minor dirt and debris. You can easily collect bugs and leaves with regular pool skimmers, but finer things like dirt and hair can be removed by attaching old pantyhose to your pool skimmer.

Vinegar and a sponge can remove the water scale.

A vinegar solution applied with a sponge can remove scaling without chemicals to decalcify. However, failing to remove water scales appropriately can lead to costly replacement parts for your heater pump and filter in the future.

Replace pool water every couple of years.

Avoid bacteria and algae buildup by replacing your pool water every two years. This practice helps to increase the life of your pool.There are plenty of life hacks available for cleaning and beautifying your pool on the internet. If you are too busy or do not want to do the work to keep your pool cleaned and maintained, hire a pool service in Winter Park.

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