Reasons to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Reasons to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Reasons to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Your swimming pool is an area to relax, get healthy, and have fun. And, if you care for it, your pool will supply you with pleasure for years to come. Our pool service in Winter Park offers these five primary reasons it's so essential to keep your pool hygienic.

It Keeps Your Outdoor Living Space Functional

When your pool is in good working order, your outdoor area will perform better. When you can appreciate your time in the pool, it leads to delight in all your outdoor activities. Whether you intend to have a swimming bash followed by a barbecue with buddies or relax poolside with a good book after a swim, clean water is a must.

It Delivers a Safer Environment

Not only does transparent water look and feel better, but treating your pool regularly is crucial for your health. Untreated or contaminated water can lead to serious health issues such as a swimmer's itch, a skin irritation induced by parasites in untreated water. It also causes eye, ear, and throat ailments, resulting in diarrhea, stomach cramps, and vomiting if dirty water is ingested.

It Saves You Money

Cleaning your pool weekly can save you a lot of money in the long run. Well-maintained pools have rarer problems and tend to require fewer repairs. When you regularly clear debris, manage your filters, and test and treat your water, there is far less likelihood of something going wrong.

It Improves the Longevity of Your Pool

To elaborate on the previous point, good pool maintenance saves money by evading repairs. That's because well-maintained pools have a considerably more prolonged lifespan. For example, pools with vinyl liners that are well maintained should endure more than 20 years, although your liner will need to be replaced a few times.

How to Keep Your Pool Clean

Your weekly upkeep program should include:

  • Skimming debris off the water with a pool net. This might need to be completed every few days or daily, depending on the weather and how near your pool is to trees.
  • You should clean your pool's floor and walls thoroughly each week. The most straightforward way to do this is to use a robotic pool cleaner to take care of all of the work for you. You'll need a pool brush and a vacuum if you do it manually.
  • Clean your skimmer and pump baskets and check to ensure the filter is working well. A blocked filter will require cleaning.
  • Test your water's chlorine, alkalinity, and pH levels and modify as necessary. Once your water is balanced, you'll need to shock the pool and add an algaecide to keep your water transparent.

If you lack the time or the propensity to keep up with standard pool maintenance, hiring a professional to handle the care for you is the most suitable conclusion you can make.

Contact us today if you want a pool service in Winter Park. We are here to do the job for you!