Pool Exercises to Stay in Shape

Pool Exercises to Stay in Shape

Pool Exercises to Stay in Shape

Pools are a handy exercise tool for anybody, but specifically for those needing a low-impact, high-resistance workout. There is no other environment where you can lift weights, move freely, and utilize your full range of motion with little restriction or pain. And in no other circumstances can you jump and stretch to such an extent without risking damage to your joints, making pool-based exercise a critical element of healthy life for many. Retired elders, pregnant moms, and injury survivors can benefit from regular low-impact pool exercises as much as anybody else.

If swimming is not your forte, or you're just hoping to mix up your training, you can still appreciate a full range of exercise benefits from your pool. Check out these pool exercises recommended by experts at our pool service in Winter Park, and choose your favorites to test today!

Pool Edge Exercises

Pool edge exercises happen with your hands or elbows on the pool's edge. These methods let you use the wall for stabilization, to raise yourself in and out of your pool, or to thrust back against while you rehearse your kicks. Try these exercises to begin:

Leg Lifts

Leg lifts start with your back to the wall and elbows on the edge. Set your legs together and point them down. Lift your legs together simultaneously out in front of you to waist-level and lower them. This is an excellent workout for your core!

Flutter Kick

Flutter kicks are short, fast kicks with most of the motion from your knees down. Brace your arms on the wall of the pool and kick; this can be done facing either direction. Whatever is most comfy for you.

Ladder Pull-Ups

Ladder pull-ups are a fantastic way to condition your pull-up muscles without utilizing the total weight of your body. Seize the pool ladder with both hands at the same elevation and pull yourself out. Then sink back and pull yourself out again. The buoyancy of the water makes this exercise much more straightforward than usual.

Noodle Float Exercises

Many pool exercises are more comfortable to do with a noodle, which is an affordable, entertaining, and readily accessible workout device. These exercises employ buoyancy and stabilization to aid the activity and bolster your core.

Water Crunches

Begin by leaning back with the noodle beneath your arms and shoulders. Stretch your legs out and let them float to a natural level. Then draw your legs to your chest in a crunch and stretch them out again. Repeat until you feel a burn in your core.

Noodle Jump Rope

Grabbing each end of the pool noodle, swing it over your head. Then, push it under the water and leap over it. The effort to perform it many times is a real workout.

Toe Bounce Exercises

Many exercises presume you use the shallow end or have discovered the perfect grade to hop on your tippy-toes with your head out of the water. These activities require a small amount of bouncing off your pool floor.

Jumping Jacks

This exercise is high-impact for increased results outside of the pool. But in the pool, they have an entirely separate workout effect. The water pushes against your wide movements, but jumping doesn't end with hard landings. Moving your body through the jumping jack motions in the water is a wonderful muscle workout against water resistance without the normal pressure on your joints.

These are just a few pool exercises you can do to keep you in shape. Then, if you need pool service in Winter Park, give us a call. We are here to take care of your pool, so you don't have to. Happy Exercising!