Pool Equipment You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool Equipment You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool Equipment You Need to Keep Your Pool Clean

Pool chemicals do their job to keep the water's levels balanced and the condition of the water swimmable. However, to keep it truly clean, you need to have the right equipment. There are dozens of amazing equipment you can get for your pool, and our pool service in Orlando is here to help. Some of it is optional, some necessary, and others are just luxury. While the luxury and optional equipment is fun and helpful, you don't need it to perform the basic maintenance of your pool. You DO need these different pieces of pool equipment to keep your pool clean.

Telescopic Pole

You can't build a house without a hammer, and you are not going to be able to clean your pool without a telescopic pole. It is your Swiss army knife for the pool. It is used for almost everything, such as brushing, skimming, vacuuming, and more. However, what makes this pole so special is that it can extend and collapse down in size. This will offer flexibility and convenience when cleaning the pool in its entirety.

Skimmer Attachment

Most debris and dead bugs will stay floating along the surface of your pool. The easy solution is to skim it. The skimmer net attachment is perfect for this job. You will just attach it to your telescopic pole, and then skim the surface of your pool to remove all the floating debris. While some skimmer nets are flat, others are bag nets. Bag nets are handy for massive amounts of debris and trash. The flat nets are best used for control and maneuverability across the surface of the water.

Brush Attachment

The brush attachment will connect, like the skimmer, to your telescopic pole. This is needed because, over time, you will find layers of thin buildup on the pool surfaces. The buildup and algae will cover the walls, floor, and steps. If you maintain your pool regularly, the buildup will be minimal.

Vacuum & Attachments

Pool vacuums need three things to properly clean your pool. For starters, you need the vacuum head. It this will be used to vacuum up the floor of your pool. Next you need your handy dandy telescopic pole. The vacuum head attaches to the telescopic pole, just like the other equipment. This will give you the needed reach to clean. Lastly, the vacuum hose will attach to the skimmer to supply he needed pressure to suck in the debris and trash.

All you will have to do is give the vacuum its needed power after this. Honestly, you can't clean your pool without this equipment. If you practice regular maintenance, then you will find yourself only needing to take a few minutes to do the cleaning necessary to keep your pool clean and swimmable.

If you are do not want to store all of this equipment needed to maintain and care of your swimming pool, trust a professional pool service in Orlando to help. Contact us to get on our pool care schedule today.