Pool Chemicals You Need to Keep Your Pool Safe

Pool Chemicals You Need to Keep Your Pool Safe

Pool Chemicals You Need to Keep Your Pool Safe

Having a pool requires that you do more than just clean debris off the surface from time-to-time. In fact, you have to be aware of the different levels of the pH and chemicals in the water. As a pool service in Winter Park, we know that testing these levels and adjusting them accordingly is important in keeping your pool safe for swimmers. There are many chemicals that you need to add to your pool water to keep it balanced and safe for swimming. You may be thrown back a bit at how many there are on the market to ensure your pool's safety.


As the backbone chemical of any pool system, chlorine will break down bacteria and sanitize the water. You will find many forms of stabilized chlorine for your pool maintenance are available, such as skimmer sticks, granules, and tablets. Consider the best method for balancing the chlorine in your pool and then purchase a pool test kit to ensure that your water has enough chlorine.


Like chlorine, bromine will kill bacteria. It is most effective in hot water, so this may be beneficial if you also have a spa or hot tub next to your pool. When you keep your water warm all year long with a pool heater, you may want to use bromine to keep your water safe.

Shock Treatments

Shock treatments are important for ensuring your pool water stays clean and clear. When swimmers enter and use the pool, they can leave waste and debris behind. This waste must be addressed to prevent issues like cloudy water and algae. Shocking regularly will do just that.


The key to having an enjoyable experience in the pool is preventing algae. Algaecide acts as a preventative back up to your normal sanitizing routine. You should follow every shock treatment with algaecide.

Stabilizer (Conditioner)

You can get stabilizer in both powder and liquid form. It acts to preserve the levels of chlorine in your pool. Lower stabilizer means more chlorine usage. Too high, and you will have to dilute the water. Pool Stabilizer is also known as CYA, cyanuric acid, and conditioner.

Importance of pH levels

pH is the measure of base and acid in your pool. You need to keep the balance just right in order for it to be safe. Not only safety, but the integrity of the pool is at risk with bad pH levels. Too much acidity will cause corrosion of the pool and equipment. With high base, you will witness cloudy water, scaling, and deposits. Make sure to regularly test your pH and balance it out with chemical decreaser or increaser as needed.

Other Chemicals

Besides the ones mentioned, there are some other types of chemicals you may need:

  • Free Chlorine
  • Combined Chlorine
  • Muriatic Acid
  • Cyanuric Acid

These chemicals act as alternatives, or stabilizers for your pools various levels. Make sure you are regularly testing your water and you keep it clean of all debris. Always change your filters and keep your pH balanced.

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