Pool Care 101

Pool Care 101

Pool Care 101

Do you wonder what it takes to maintain a swimming pool? Pools offer fun experiences, refreshing afternoons, and rigorous workouts, but they also require care and maintenance to keep safe for swimmers. As a pool service in Winter Park, we recommend keeping your pool swim-ready by following a care schedule and understanding the proper maintenance requirements. Here is a pool care schedule to help guide you.

Every Day

Skim the surface of your pool each day. When you are swimming, you can simply just float around with the pool skimmer to remove leaves, insects, and any other small debris that may be floating around in the water. By doing this daily, you prevent any excess buildup from clogging the filter and you also keep the attractive, clean appearance of your pool.

Twice a Week

There are a few tasks that you need to do to keep the water safe for swimming. It is recommended to perform these jobs at least twice every week.

  • Test the pH levels of your water. Use a test strip to maintain the pool water balance. It should be between 7.4 and 7.6.
  • Test the chlorine levels. Chlorine levels should be between 1.0 and 3.0 ppm. You may need to add some chlorine to adjust the levels if they are not in that range.
  • Empty the skimmer basket. When your pool filter runs, it will collect leaves and debris in the basket. You should clean this basket out a few times a week to prevent clogs and buildup.

Once a Week

Weekly tasks require more cleaning than balancing. These are a few jobs you should plan to do each week:

  • Add algae preventer. By adding a maintenance dose of algae preventer, you can keep your pool from turning green. It will also help your pool run more efficiently.
  • Shock the pool. Consult the packaging to give your pool the recommended dose of shock to keep your pool water clean and clear, especially after storms or extremely hot weather.
  • Brush walls and vacuum. Basic pool maintenance also needs to be done on a weekly basis. Clean the surfaces inside and around your pool to avoid any buildup.

Additional Care

In addition to these weekly tasks, you also need to clean your filter to remove any oils or grease buildup. Plan to do this twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall, to keep up with filter maintenance and avoid larger issues. It is also recommended to test your pool water after periods of heavy winds and rains.

By understanding the schedule to maintain and care for your swimming pool, you can keep it swim-ready no matter what. By taking care of your pool on a routine basis, you ensure that the water is clean and balanced and that the pool is safe for swimming. If you have trouble sticking to a pool routine, trust our pool service in Winter Park to help you today.