How to Conserve Pool Water and Save Money

How to Conserve Pool Water and Save Money

How to Conserve Pool Water and Save Money

Have you noticed that your water bills have been growing since the summer started? When you host pool parties and spend a lot of time in your swimming pool, you may always be struggling to keep water inside the pool. Also, pool leaks and poor drainage can also cause issues with your water levels. As a pool service in Orlando, we help many homeowners maintain and balance their pools, and we understand the importance of a full pool. These are a few tips to help you conserve your pool water and save you money.

Check for Leaks

Many pool owners have leaks but do not even know it. Pools leaks are often so small that they can go undetected until you are specifically looking for one. To test for a leak, draw a line at the top of your water level. Wait 24 hours, then return to check if the water level has dropped below your line. If you notice a dramatic drop, you have a leak. We suggest using a leak identifier dye to locate the leak and make immediate repairs.

Prevent Evaporation

It may be surprising to learn that evaporation can also contribute to a loss of your pool water. Over the course of a year, pools lose between 7,000 and 25,000 gallons of water due to evaporation. This startling statistic has many pool owners covering their pools at night and adding objects around their pool. When you add wind-reducing objects, like shrubs, trees, and fences, to the perimeter of your pool, the wind cannot stimulate evaporation of your pool water.

Splash Inside the Pool

We all like to have fun jumping in the pool and splashing our friends. However, splashing accounts for much of the lost water in the pool. When you are constantly splashing water outside the pool, you can lose a significant amount of water – especially after throwing a pool party. We can still have fun, but it is important keep the splashed water inside the pool. As a rule of thumb, splash in, not out.

Get an Efficient Filter

If you have an outdated filter, you may be spending more money to clean your pool than you need to be. Your filter will backwash the water, which means that it will reverse the flow of water as it cleans, and this process actually requires the use of water. Inefficient filters can waste up to 200 gallons of water when it backwashes.

These are a few simple ways that you can conserve water and save money on your pool. By always losing water, you can actually rack up an expensive water bill trying to keep your pool water levels high. To prevent that, you want to pay attention to your pool.

If you are looking for pool care and maintenance, trust our expert pool service in Orlando. Contact Pure and Simple Pool Care to hear about our pool services today!