Food and Beverage Ideas for a Perfect Pool Party

Food and Beverage Ideas for a Perfect Pool Party

Food and Beverage Ideas for a Perfect Pool Party

Having a pool means great opportunities for summer pool parties. However, while poolside parties are an excellent way to celebrate friends and family, getting them right takes a bit of preparation.

Here are some suggestions from our pool service in Orlando to make your pool parties fun, safe, and remarkable for everybody who attends.

Consider that your pool party will have both swimmers and non-swimmers, so your food should appeal to both kinds of guests.

Here are some straightforward food and drink ideas that can add life to any pool party.

Poolside Bites

When it comes to poolside foods and beverages, the less waste, the better, which means serving anything that is considered finger foods is ideal so guests can munch as they want, and the host gets to enjoy less time sweating over the bbq grill or in the kitchen. One thing to be conscious of when serving foods or drinks at your pool party is to avoid glassware or any dishes and glasses that can break because this is an obvious hazard. Instead, buy reusable or disposable dishware to guarantee your poolside remains free of broken glass.

Some great suggestions for poolside food include:

  • Cheeseburgers
  • Grilled chicken sliders
  • Potato Salad
  • Antipasto tray
  • Fruit Tray
  • Veggie tray with ranch dip
  • Ice cream station with lots of toppings

Poolside Drinks

It can be tough to offer the right drinks when you have a party with various guests of different ages and tastes. Of course, water is the best way to keep guests hydrated, but here are some other ideas for everyone.

  • Lemonade- Lemonade can be enhanced with a punch bowl dressed up with strawberries and blueberries, creating a colorful look (pro tip: freeze the berries to help keep the lemonade cold). For alcohol drinkers, lemonade is an excellent mixer for various lemonade-based cocktails.
  • Beer- Instead of cases of beer, consider strategically placing a keg of beer in a barrel of ice! This can last for the day and prevents the hazard of broken glass or crammed bags of empty cans.
  • Shakes- With frozen berries, vanilla ice cream, and milk, you can create some colorful and refreshing mixed berry shakes that satisfy thirst and any guest's love for ice cream!

Additional Pool Party Prep

Preparing before the party means you can give more attention to the guests! Before executing your perfect pool party:

  • Check the pool's chemistry to guarantee the pool water is balanced correctly.
  • Be sure your guests can easily access things like the bathroom or additional towels if necessary.
  • Keep some sunscreen ready for guests who forgot to bring some and a first aid kit in case of an emergency.
  • Be sure your poolside has plenty of ways for guests to discard trash, so it doesn't end up in your pool or backyard.

Pool Safety

Of course, safety measures should be considered with any pool gathering, especially if children are included. So be equipped with a list of fun games kids can play, and make your pool rules clear before anyone jumps in the water.

Having a pool offers you a unique opportunity to enjoy any occasion with friends and family, and we are confident your next pool party will be a smashing success! Contact us today if you need pool service in Orlando. We are here to care for your pool, so you don't have to.