Five Pool Maintenance Tips

Five Pool Maintenance Tips

Five Pool Maintenance Tips

Keeping your swimming pool reinvigorated, hygienic, and prepared for swimmers relies upon excellent pool care practices. If you plan to purchase a pool or own one presently, knowing proper pool care protocols is crucial. You can only achieve appropriate care by keeping your pool prepared for everyday use and guaranteeing it is sparkling and clean. Maintaining your pool does not have to be difficult, but you can still hire a pool service in Orlando to do the job for you. Our professionals offer these pool care tips that you should recognize so your pool will be in top condition for swimming this season.

Run your pump and filter properly.

Your pool pump and filter keep chemicals blended well and remove dirt from the water. Running the pump and filter less than recommended may appear to save you money, but ultimately, it could be far more pricey. Additionally, not operating your pool pump and filter appropriately can cause algae development in the pool. It may require you to use the pump and filter for extended spans to get the pool back to well-maintained. Operating your pool filter and pump for at least eight hours a day will enable the water in your pool to be cleansed effectively.

Monitor water levels.

It isn't very easy to understand the need to maintain a pool's water level. Impairment of a pool pump can happen when it begins filtering air rather than water from not being filled to the proper level. In addition, an overfilled pool can draw debris and dirt into the water from overflowing onto your pool deck. It is crucial to observe water levels in your swimming pool concerning swimmer load and evaporation from the sun.

Add chemicals in cool conditions.

Chlorine is less effective if you put it into your pool during a hot day. The hypochloride ions produced by chlorine change to gas and release into the air when exposed to UV rays from the sun. A pool demands twice as much chlorine to treat it on a hot day because the temperature of the water is high. Night or evening is the best period to add chemicals to your pool because chlorine can operate more effectively when temperatures are at lower levels.

Clean your pool filters.

Algae development and build-up in a swimming pool are hazards of not having a clean pool filter. In addition, not cleaning your pool filter causes improper filtration or impairment of the pump motor of your pool. Cleaning pool filters involves bathing them in a mild solution of muriatic acid and then allowing them to dry in an open area. Muriatic acid use requires protective gear for cleaning your pool filters.

Monitor pool chemistry.

A pool's pH levels are critical for keeping it safe and clean. For example, pH levels above 8.0 make chlorine less functional in cleansing your pool. Therefore, reviewing the chemistry of your swimming pool at least twice a week during the summer and once a week during winter is essential to preserving a proper pH level. If you are curious, an appropriate pH level for a swimming pool ranges between 7.2 and 7.8.

Good pool maintenance is essential to keep the water safe and healthy for swimming. Contact us now for more details on pool service in Orlando. We want to keep your pool operating effectively and efficiently for years.