9 Swimming Pool Tasks to Complete This Winter

9 Swimming Pool Tasks to Complete This Winter

9 Swimming Pool Tasks to Complete This Winter

The cold winter months are not an excuse to neglect pool maintenance. Even if you use a pool heater to keep the water warm, it is important to maintain the proper chemical balance in the pool. Failure to do so may cost you extra money and effort in the spring. As a pool service in Orlando, we help many pool owners maintain their water levels, perform pool cleaning, and update any pool elements over time. Your swimming pool will look great and work well all winter long if you do the following preventive maintenance.

Clean the Pool

Brushing the walls and vacuuming the pool helps prevent the creation of nasty algae. To ensure the filtration system works as well as possible, remove leaves from the lint basket and skimmer basket of the pump.

Adjust the Pool's Water Level

You can easily verify the pH level of the pool by taking a sample of the water at elbow depth and then administering the necessary treatment to bring the pool back to the right level.

Clean the Pool Filter Regularly

Make certain that the swimming pool filter is cleaned regularly, as any grease or oil deposits may harden during the winter and make cleaning the filter much more difficult during the hot months.

Always Check the Chlorine Levels

Maintaining a level of free accessible chlorine in your pool between two and three parts per million (PPM) over the winter is critical if you want to keep the water clean and clear. Remember to lower the chlorinator output to 1-2 PPM if you use a salt chlorinator with a pool blanket. This is because pool blankets retain chemicals and chlorine, resulting in excessive chlorine levels. If these high chlorine levels aren't kept in check, they could damage the pool's equipment.

Use Shock Treatment

Regular "shocking" of your pool may aid in eliminating organic and inorganic wastes known as chloramines. Dead bugs, sweat, sun lotion, and bird droppings are examples of these wastes. Furthermore, it ensures that the sanitizer may concentrate on eradicating bacteria and algae rather than these contaminants. After adding the right shock treatment for your pool, turn on the filter and let them run for a few hours to ensure the treatment is spread evenly throughout the pool.

Remove Algae Immediately

When algae bloom in your pool, the sanitizer's bulk will be used to remove and control the algae. This will leave no residue in the pool, keeping it clean and healthy.

Reduce Filter Runtime

During the winter, you should operate the pool filter for three to four hours daily. Make any required modifications to the timer if you're using one.

Set Your Solar Heater to "Winter Mode"

If your solar pool heating system does not include an automatic controller, you will need to manually switch it to Winter Mode or turn it off completely if you are gone for a long time.

Use a Pool Cover

Rolling out the pool cover may prevent debris, such as leaves and other organic matter, from entering the water. This means less labor for you to clean and less food for algae and bugs to consume; it's a win-win scenario. Pool covers and blankets help limit the number of chemicals lost through evaporation, saving time and money.

If you are looking for a pool service in Orlando to help with your pool cleaning needs, contact Pure and Simple Pool Care to hear more today.