6 Pool Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Water Safe

6 Pool Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Water Safe

6 Pool Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Water Safe

A swimming pool is a big investment that offers many benefits for your physical and emotional well-being, but also for your property value. However, they require constant maintenance to keep safe. To avoid issues like murky water, metal stains, and calcium stains which disturb the healthy water environment of the pool, you need to know how to handle the cleaning responsibilities. As a professional pool service in Winter Park, we understand the importance and safety of clean swimming water. By performing a few routine cleaning jobs, you can always keep your water swim ready. These are a few pool cleaning tips you need to follow to keep your pool safe for swimming all the time.

Scrub Pool Tiles with Baking Soda

Use an old toothbrush and some amount of baking soda to thoroughly clean your pool's tiles. Finn Cardiff, the founder of Beachgoer, suggests that you must scrub your tiles and other miscellaneous spots twice a week so that no algae growth occurs.

Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Oil

You can use old tennis balls for many purposes, as these are used as dryer balls. Therefore, it will be no surprise if you use them to dry oil particles from your pool. The nylon and wool on the ball easily absorbs the surface oil in the pool. Therefore, sunscreen and sebum from our skin will cause no problems.

Use Vitamin C Tablets to Scrub Pesky Metal Stains Off

Vitamin C tablets can do wonders for all pool owners as these can easily scrub the worst pesky metal stains off your pool's corners. Almost everyone has Vitamin C tablets in their kitchens. Therefore, wrap these tablets in cloths and use them to excellently clean the corners of your pool. If you don't have Vitamin C tablets, you can also use lemon slices for cleansing action.

Have a Pool Skimmer

As a pool owner, you can use a pool skimmer to clean pests, leaves, and bugs from your pool. If you don't have a pool skimmer, you can use an old window screen, a broomstick, and a wire to have an easy DIY skimmer with a handle. Thus, save money and reward yourself with brand-new adorable pool accessories.

Run the Pump Twice a Day

Running the pump twice a day is tedious, but it will do wonders as you replace the used water with fresh water. Therefore, Cardiff recommends running the pump twice daily to maintain a fresh environment in the pool and keep it in tip-top shape.

Replace Pool Water After Every 2-3 Years

You cannot use filters and chlorine tablets forever to clean your pool's water. Therefore, you must replace your pool's water every 2-3 years to avoid algal and bacterial growth and extend your pool's life for some years.

Maintaining a healthy pool environment is a tedious but inevitable task that you must perform regularly. Certain environmental and physical factors disturb the purity of the pool, and our pool service in Winter Park understands all the right jobs to keep your pool water safe. Contact us to get on our schedule today!