5 Pool Cleaning Jobs to Tackle This Weekend

5 Pool Cleaning Jobs to Tackle This Weekend

5 Pool Cleaning Jobs to Tackle This Weekend

When you live in Florida, you should have a pool that is always ready for swimming. There is a secret to having the beautiful pool that everyone wants, and it is routine weekend maintenance. Making sure you stay on top of your pool cleaning is vital to a healthy and enjoyable pool. As a pool service in Orlando, we can help you with any of your pool cleaning needs. Here are some pool jobs you can tackle for your weekend maintenance routine.

Skimming & Vacuuming

One of the first things you should do when you go to clean up your pool this weekend is skim. Your skimmer is your best friend. Use it to get all floating debris possible. Always check skimmer baskets and clear them of debris as well. Doing this regularly makes all aspects of cleaning, including the daunting task of vacuuming, easier to manage.

For the debris that has had time to settle to the bottom, make sure you vacuum it out. A lot of times, dragging the skimmer will kick up debris to the surface, but vacuums are recommended for after scrubbing and a large amount of settled debris.

Scrub It Clean

Your pool scrubber is designed to remove the sediment that tends to build up around the pool walls. Make sure you use it just as regularly as the skimmer. If not, the sediment will build up to levels that will require deeper cleaning and more effort than necessary to just clean it regularly.

Check & Test the Water

When you decide to clean the pool, make sure your water level is where it should be. Adjust it as needed, and while you're at it, test the water too. The chemistry of the pool is key to keeping it healthy. Use the test kit for your pool to check the chemical balance. Once a week is recommended, though some pool owners will do it multiple times a week.

Add Chlorine, Algaecide, and Shock

The Chlorine levels of your pool need to stay between 1 and 3 ppm. Adjust your chemicals accordingly. The same goes for algaecide. Weekly maintenance and chemical balance will keep your pool clean and healthy. Before adding your algaecide, make sure you shock your pool. Shocking your pool will kill all the bacteria that you don't want in there. This needs to be done before you add algaecide though.

Chemicals and Filters

After you check your water's chemical levels, make sure you balance out any chemicals that do not test where they should be. While you are wrapping up your maintenance on your pool, make sure your filters are clean. Wash them with chemical filter cleaner as needed pair with water.

If you are tired of taking care of your pool and want to simply enjoy your time in the water without worrying about the maintenance, it may be time to hire the pros. Let our pool service in Orlando take care of your cleaning for you.

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