4 Tips for Finding a Pool Care Service

4 Tips for Finding a Pool Care Service

4 Tips for Finding a Pool Care Service

Having a swimming pool in the backyard is most people's dream come true. If you have kids, your swimming pool is a perfect place to bond as a family without packing up all your gear, heading to a local public pool, and spending money on entry, drinks, and food. Unfortunately, many homeowners shy away from pool ownership because they dread the work required to keep a swimming pool maintained. Fortunately, you can hire a pool service in Winter Park to take care of your work. Here are some excellent tips for finding a pool care service.

Ask for referrals

If you have friends or family who own a swimming pool, you can ask for referrals to a pool care service that you can depend on to do a great job. You can count on them doing an excellent job if your family or friends are confident enough in their services to give you a personal recommendation! The advantage of asking for referrals is that you can usually get a few good options that are tried and tested by people you know well before settling on the best one for you. Then, with these personal recommendations in hand, you can confidently compare pricing and services to determine which one best fits your needs.

Choose a company with an office

Having a brick-and-mortar business office is an excellent indicator of a pool service’s stability. A company should have an office to be in the industry long-term and have plenty of satisfied customers. The size and location of the office usually do not matter much, as long as clients have a place to go when they have issues or questions about their services. By choosing a business with a physical office, you ensure that you can visit them personally if you have concerns about the work they are doing or want to upgrade or change your services.

Understand the services available

Every pool service is not created equally. Many pool companies offer different benefits than others, so make sure you know what is available before choosing the right one for your swimming pool. Pool service companies usually provide the following services:

  • Repair or replacement of broken fixtures and parts
  • Pool system inspections
  • pH testing and balancing of pool chemicals
  • Pool cleaning, including floors, walls, decks, and water

Narrow down your pool service company choices based on the service they can provide.

Confirm permits, licensing, and insurance coverage

It can be costly to own and maintain a swimming pool. Therefore, you do not want to entrust care and maintenance to a company that may not have the experience and expertise to do the job right. Always confirm a pool care service’s permits and licenses for operation. They should be able to easily provide you with documentation of compliance with local and state laws. You also need to ensure they have insurance in place so you are not liable for any damages they cause or injuries they might get while working on your property. The last thing you want to face is a lawsuit for damages of a property damage claim and a deductible for something that was not your fault.

Follow these tips for finding a pool service in Winter Park. Then, call us today to learn more about our services to keep your pool clean, safe, and healthy.