4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

4 Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Water safety is one of the most important things for pool owners to consider. When you own a pool, you need to take extra precautions to follow all the safety standards and regulations so that your pool is safe for swimmers. You also want to ensure that your children stay safe when they are near your pool. As a pool service in Winter Park, we help many people take care of their pools so their equipment and water are safe for swimming. As you enjoy the perks of owning your own pool in your backyard, you also need to follow these essential swimming pool safety tips.

Avoid Running

When you own a swimming pool, you need to encourage those using your pool to walk. Surfaces around the swimming pool are almost always wet, which means that they are slick and slippery. As people run around the pool, they can easily slip and injure themselves. In the event that they trip, they may fall into the pool, hit their head, or even break a bone. Prevent accidents like this by making sure that everyone walks when near the pool.

Keep Water Balanced

Unbalanced water can not only cause algae growth or murky water, but it can pose a safety hazard to your swimmers. When you do not properly balance your pool chemicals, your swimmers may ingest too much chlorine or they can be at risk if there is too little chlorine to kill any bacteria. Take the time to perform chemical balancing tests and adjust any chemicals to keep your pool water within the safe ranges.

Invest in Safety Equipment

You may never think that someone in your care will need a life vest or floatation device, but it could happen. To prepare for any situation, you should always have all the proper safety equipment within reach of your pool. This is especially important if you have ‘high-risk’ swimmers enjoying your pool, like children, elderly, or handicapped individuals. When these individuals are swimming, you always wan to keep an extra eye on them to ensure they are practicing water safety.

Store Your Pool Chemicals Away

Although you need to use your pool chemicals to balance your water, you should make sure that they are safely stored between use. If children or animals get into your chemicals, they can have devastating side effects that can cause extreme harm. Invest in a pool shed or keep your chemicals on high shelves in the garage or mudroom to prevent any accidents from occurring.

By following these swimming pool safety tips, you can ensure that everyone who swims in the pool on your property is kept safe in your care. If you are looking for ways to enhance the safety of your pool water and keep your pool in optimal swimming shape, consider hiring a pool service in Winter Park.

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