What You Should Keep Out of Your Swimming Pool

What You Should Keep Out of Your Swimming Pool

What You Should Keep Out of Your Swimming Pool

Many pool owners know all about the chemicals they need to balance their pool, the supplies they need to clean their pool, and the technology they need to keep their pool running.  All of these things go inside the pool so that you can keep the pool running efficiently and safely.  However, many people don't talk about the items that you need to keep out of the pool.  Our pool service in Orlando can let you know the materials that are dangerous to your pool so that you can avoid bringing them near the water.  These are just a few of the items that you will want to keep far away from your swimming pool.

Too Much Water Conditioner

Cyanuric acid, or water conditioner, is used in your pool to protect your chlorine from the sun. However, if your levels of water conditioner get too high, this can actually deplete the chlorine.  This means that you will need to drain the entire pool to start over completely.

Broken Glass

Keeping broken glass out of the pool is an obvious suggestion, but it still needs to be stated.  In fact, many people should keep glass away from the pool entirely.  This prevents any accidents from happening, even if you are watching your glass and being diligent about it.  Keep only plastic glasses or reusable water bottles by the pool to prevent glass from damaging your liner or even causing injury.

Soaps and Lotions

Even though you may love to use baby oil to help your tan, you should avoid doing this when you are full of lotions, oils, and soaps.  In fact, you should consider rinsing off so that you don't disrupt the chemistry of your pool water.  Consider installing an outdoor shower to keep these items away from the pool water.


Animals need to stay out of your swimming pool in order to keep the water filter from clogging with their contaminants.  Ducks like to make their way up to many Florida swimming pools, but they can leave behind debris that will contaminate your water.  Also, you may allow your dogs to swim in your pool, but you should know the negative effects that dog hair has on your filter.

Tree Debris and Branches

Keep the trees near your pool trimmed all year long to prevent issues like twigs, branches, and leaves away from your pool.  These organic materials can seep into your filter, deplete your chlorine, and also cause your pool pump to have to overwork in order to keep up with the care.

These are a few of the items that you need to keep away from your swimming pool in order to keep the water properly clean and safe.  Contact the experts in pool service in Orlando to hear how we can maintain your pool today.