The Ultimate Daily Pool Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate Daily Pool Maintenance Checklist

The Ultimate Daily Pool Maintenance Checklist

Are you the owner of a beautiful pool?  Pool owners have many responsibilities that they need to do on a routine basis to keep their pool water safe and their pools clean for swimmers.  As a pool service in Winter Park, we help many pool owners with these responsibilities so that they can enjoy more hours spent swimming or relaxing poolside.  Here is an extensive list of daily maintenance tasks that every pool owner should do daily.

Brush Pool Tiles and Line at the Waterline

Take extra care of the tiles and the liner at the waterline of your swimming pool.  This area can collect debris and dirt buildup from the surface of the water.  By brushing it on a routine basis, you remove any buildup and prevent larger issues from developing.

Use a Skimmer to Remove Debris

Pool owners should get in the habit of skimming the top of their water each day.  This will remove any debris that may find its way into your pool.  Items like branches, leaves, insects, dirt, flower petals, and any other contaminants can clog your filter, cause chemical imbalances with your water, or simply just make your pool look unappealing.

Empty Skimmer Strainer Baskets

Your filter will not work properly when your skimmer strainer basket is full.  You may be surprised how fast this can happen, especially during times of windy weather.  Take the time to empty this basket and remove any of the contents each day so that you get in the habit.

Vacuum the Pool

Although you do not need to do this daily, it is still important to keep vacuuming the pool on your checklist.  A vacuum will remove any of the issues from the bottom of the pool, which can collect issues like algae, dirt, and dust.  When these elements settle, they can cause eyesores that sit neglected until they are removed.

Test Your Water Chemistry

Every pool owner should keep pool water test strips nearby so that they can check the levels of the chemicals in the water.  When you realize that the pH or chlorine are either too low or too high, you can add the necessary chemicals to balance it out once again.  This is important in maintaining a safe pool chemistry to keep you and your swimmers safe.

Inspect Pool Equipment

In addition to the skimmer, nets, and filter, you need to make sure that all the technological elements are in good condition.  This may mean checking your heater and your filter to ensure that they are working properly.  When you let too much time pass with faulty equipment, your pool can suffer.

These are some of the most important tasks that pool owners need to stay dedicated to doing each day.  Keeping your pool water safe for swimming is essential in avoiding accidents, causing illnesses, and allowing algae to grow.  If you cannot keep up with your pool maintenance, trust our quality pool service in Winter Park.  Contact Pure and Simple Pool Care to get on our pool care schedule today.