Six Health and Wellness Benefits of Swimming

Six Health and Wellness Benefits of Swimming

Six Health and Wellness Benefits of Swimming

Are you looking into installing a pool for the health benefits it offers?  Do you want to improve your lifestyle by making more time for fitness?  When you own a pool in your own backyard, you can reap the many positive benefits that swimming offers.  From providing you with a chance to workout to giving you an easy opportunity to relax after a stressful day, pools have many great benefits to your lifestyle.  These are just a few of the health and wellness benefits that swimming offers.

Heart Health

Swimming is an aerobic exercise, which means that your heart is actively pumping blood throughout the whole session.  During these workouts, your heart becomes larger and increases blood flow to the rest of your body, which will only help it to become strong and healthy.

Lower Risk of Diabetes

Are you concerned with the risk of diabetes?  One way to combat this risk is to engage in more aerobic exercise.  When you work to get your heart rate up, your body will naturally lower the risk of diabetes by more than 10%.  This long-term benefit will keep your health in check and allow you to indulge in a few sweets after you are done.

Lowers Stress and Anxiety

While your physical health can benefit from swimming, so can your mental health.  When you are active in the water, you release endorphins into your body, which are natural mood boosters.  Also, this will create a feeling of ease and relaxation, which will encourage you to enjoy your session floating or stroking through the water.

Eliminates Pain

If you feel pain in your bones and joints, you will want to try swimming to loosen up your body.  It is one of the best exercise regimens for those that suffer from pain, because you will not have any additional stress on your joints.  The water supports roughly 90% of your body weight, and this can be advantageous in reducing aches and pains, especially from arthritis.

Strengthens Muscles

Swimming provides you with a good workout, which works to strengthen your muscles.  If you stick with swimming for a long period of time, you will start to notice this strength in your physical appearance as well.  Because of the ever-changing range of motion to combat the force of the water, you will keep your body fresh and loose with this workout.

Helps Lose Weight

Because it is a rigorous workout, swimming can also aide in weight loss.  In fact, for every ten minutes of active swimming, you can burn between 100-150 calories.  If you are looking for a workout that you can do outside without worrying about the heat, swimming might be the best choice for you!

These are a few of the many health and wellness benefits that swimming offers.  When you are struggling with your health and fitness, you should consider a swimming pool in your own backyard.  Contact us to hear more about our pool service in Winter Park today.