How to Teach Your Teenagers about Pool Safety

How to Teach Your Teenagers about Pool Safety

How to Teach Your Teenagers about Pool Safety

Do you have teenagers that love to swim in your backyard pool?  Are your teens constantly asking for their friends to come over to swim?  Do you worry about their safety in your backyard pool?  When you have a pool in your yard and teenagers in your home, you are likely no stranger to hosting pool parties and events with kids all over the house and yard.  Our pool service in Winter Park can help you with your pool needs to keep your water clean and safe, but you will still want to make sure that all of your swimmers stay safe. However, you want to be sure that they are always staying safe and practicing pool safety.  There are a few ways that you can teach your teens all about pool safety.

Enroll Them in CPR Training

CPR training can save lives, especially in the event of a drowning incident near the water.  When you are concerned about your children not having these skills, it is beneficial to enroll them in a local class so they can learn the basics of CPR and first aid.  These are life skills that they will be able to carry with them through life.  Parents of teens that have CPR skills will have peace of mind that they can handle emergency situations if needed.

Talk to Them about Pool Etiquette

Pool etiquette is just as important as pool safety sometimes, especially when it comes to teenagers.  Teens like to rough house in the pool, and this can lead to accidents.  From having diving contests to playing on one another's shoulders, teens like to push the boundaries.  To avoid any accidents, head injuries, or potential broken bones, you should talk to them about the expectations and etiquette you expect them to follow when swimming in your pool.

Enforce the Rules from a Young Age

Start enforcing the rules at a young age when you have a pool in your own backyard.  By enforcing these rules throughout their entire lives, they will be more likely to listen to you later in life, as the expectations have already been set.  Create these habits in your children so they will not be shocked when you enforce the rules as teens, too.

Make Sure They Know How to Swim

Some people assume that you need to teach your kids to swim when they are at young ages.  Although this is beneficial, it is not the case.  Even teenagers that are new to swimming pools should be taught how to properly swim.  Enroll your teen in swimming lessons if they have not ever had them before.

These are a few of the ways that you can teach your teenagers about pool safety and etiquette.  Even though many of us want to trust our teens when they are swimming in our backyard, you should still provide them with the right training and knowledge to keep them safe around water.  As a pool service in Winter Park, we can help keep your water and pool maintained for the whole family.  Contact us to hear about our range of services today.