How to Promote Good Water Circulation in Your Pool

How to Promote Good Water Circulation in Your Pool

Pool owners spend a lot of their time cleaning and maintaining their pools to keep them safe for swimming.  Cleaning your pool on a routine basis will remove issues like dirt buildup and algae growth.  Another important job pool owners have is maintaining proper water circulation.  By ensuring that their water is circulating properly, you encourage movement throughout the entire pool.  As a pool service in Winter Park, we have seen many pools that have areas with no movement.  Certain factors can hinder this job.  These are a few ways that you can promote good water circulation in your pool.

Make Sure the Filter is Clean

Cleaning your filter is another great way to improve the circulation of your pool water.  When you keep your filter clean, it will work more efficiently.  This not only improves the cleanliness of your pool water, but it also saves you money on energy bills.  When your filter gets clogged with branches and leaves, it can cause issues like calcium buildup in your filter.  Make sure to remove your filter parts and thoroughly rinse them to remove any buildup on a routine basis.

Vacuum Regularly

Brooming and vacuuming your pool on a regular basis will also help to encourage your pool water circulation.  When you vacuum the bottom of your pool, you stir up any debris or sitting water, encouraging it to make its way into the circulation of your pool filter.  This will allow all of the spots to be thoroughly cleaned and purified.

Be Mindful of the Dead Zones

Every pool has spots where it is more difficult for the water to move around, commonly referred to as dead zones.  These dead zones are typically in the corners, by the skimmer, and behind the step ladders.  When you are aware of these areas, you can make sure to stir up this water and get it circulated.  Also, you should reposition your return to ensure it filters these areas.

Run Your Pool Pump

Don’t forget to run your pool pump every so often.  Although you may not run your pump every single day, you want to remember to do this regularly to stir up the water and improve circulation.  Your pool pump is what keeps water constantly flowing, and it is also great for removing any debris or buildup.

These are a few ways that you can promote good water circulation in your pool and ensure that all areas of your pool are moving properly.  When this is done, your water is all healthy and safe for swimmers.  If you notice issues with your pool, contact our professional pool service in Winter Park for help today.