Four Important Pool Maintenance Tips

Four Important Pool Maintenance Tips

Four Important Pool Maintenance Tips

Do you want to simplify your pool care routine?  Do you feel like you are constantly maintaining and caring for your pool, leaving no time for swimming?  When you own a pool, you need to maintain the pool water levels, balance the chemicals, and keep the entire pool clean all the time.  Our experts in pool service in Winter Park understand the equipment, supplies, and techniques required to keep your pool swim-ready all year long.  These are a few pool maintenance tips to simplify your pool care routine.

Find and Repair Any Leaks

Finding pool leaks does not require high-tech equipment or technology.  It only requires the bucket test.  To perform the bucket test, fill a bucket full of water.  Then, mark the level of the water line on the inside of the bucket.  Place the bucket inside the pool and mark the water line on the outside of the container.  Let the bucket float for a few days, and check the levels of the water to see if any leaks are in your swimming pool.  Once you determine the leak exists, you can then work to identify it and make repairs.

Maintain the pH Levels

Pool owners also need to keep the pH levels of their pool water within the correct range.  By testing the water using inexpensive water strips, you can test to see if you need to add any chemicals to the water to keep it within the safe range.  Simply dip these testing strips into your pool water for a few quick seconds and compare the strips with the colors to inspect the levels.  These indicators will inform you about what you need to add to keep the water balanced and safe.

Maintain the Water Level

Simply adding water to your pool is also a necessity to keep the water levels within an appropriate range.  Evaporation and swimmers are the two leading causes of water loss, and this can occur over the season.  It is important to check on your water levels on a regular basis to ensure the pump is fully working.  When you notice the levels are low, check your pump, and use the garden hose to fill your pool to the proper levels once again.

Clean the Pool Filter

Keeping your pool filter clean is also important in improving the function of your pool.  The filter will keep your water clean as it is in use, and it will filter out an impurities, debris, or contaminants that may harm the water.  Take the time to clean your pool filter on a routine basis so that it keeps working efficiently in keeping your water safe.

These are a few pool maintenance tips that can help you keep your pool water safe for swimming all year long.  By maintaining the chemicals in your pool and cleaning the area inside and around your pool, you can ensure your pool is always ready for swimmers.  If you want to take the hassle out of pool care, contact our pool service in Winter Park to hear about our maintenance services today.