Four Common Mistakes Many Pool Owners Want to Avoid

Four Common Mistakes Many Pool Owners Want to Avoid

Four Common Mistakes Many Pool Owners Want to Avoid

Pool owners have many responsibilities on their hands.  They need to take care of their pool by cleaning it frequently, performing routine maintenance monthly, and keeping the water safe for swimming every single day.  These tasks can be time-consuming, and they can require a lot of equipment to get the job done right.  When you use our pool service in Winter Park, you won't have to deal with any of this.  We take the guessing and the hassle out of your pool maintenance by doing it all for you.  In fact, there are many common mistakes that many pool owners make that you will want to know about.  

Not Checking Water Levels Every Day

People believe that pool water doesn't fluctuate very much from day to day, so they do not check the chemicals in their water on a daily basis.  However, this can lead to damaging effects.  When you check your water each day, you can ensure that it is properly balanced, which can prevent any issues that can occur without the right chemicals.

Not Cleaning Your Filter Baskets

Filter maintenance may not be required every single day, but you still will want to clean out the filter basket each day.  The filter basket will collect any debris that is too large to actually enter the pump of the filter equipment.  Cleaning the baskets is necessary to make sure that the filter can properly receive the water from the pool and clean it.  When the basket becomes clogged, it can affect the efficiency of the filter.

Not Caring for a Leak

If you notice a leak in your swimming pool or any of your pool equipment, you will want to take care of the leak immediately.  This will prevent the damage from getting any worse.  If you let the leak continue with patching it properly, it can lead to larger problems, like bigger holes, loss of more water, and potential repairs that can become expensive.

Not Checking the Time Set Up on Your Filter

When you don't check the filter and the automatic time set up feature, you risk losing money on extra energy costs.  You want to make sure that your pump is not running constantly, as this can cause your energy bills to spike unnecessarily.  It is already expensive to operate a swimming pool, but mistakes like these can cost you even more money without you ever even realizing it.

These are just some of the most common mistakes that many pool owners make.  When you own a pool, the maintenance tasks can be overwhelming, time-consuming, and expensive.  Instead of worrying about these responsibilities on your own, trust our pool service in Winter Park to take care of everything for you.  Contact us to hear about our pool care services today.