Five Tips for Pool Cleaning and Care

Five Tips for Pool Cleaning and Care

Five Tips for Pool Cleaning and Care

Owning a pool can provide you and your family with many hours of entertainment and fun without leaving your own backyard, but it also requires work and proper care.  This will require you to purchase technology, chemicals, cleaning equipment, and other materials that you will use on a routine basis to test and care for your pool water.  These are a few tips from our professionals in pool service in Orlando that will provide you with some basic pool cleaning tips.  

Prune Landscaping around Your Pool

To keep leaves, branches, and debris from falling into your pool, keep your landscaping pruned and trimmed.  Anytime your trees are hanging over your pool, you'll want to trim them back.  When you have overgrown shrubs, take the time to prune them so that they stay orderly.  This will prevent them from overshadowing your pool and it also provides your outdoor space with more allure.

Keep Chemicals on Hand

Every pool owner should keep some basic chemicals stocked in their pool shed or garage.  You'll want to have chlorine, pool water test kits, baking soda, pool shock, and much more.  This will allow you to test your pool water and make quick adjustments to balance the water and keep it safe for swimming.

Skim Pool Surface

You should keep a skimmer on hand so that you can easily skim the surface of your pool water before each swim.  You'll want to skim the surface of your pool water on a routine basis to avoid the buildup of debris, contaminants, branches, leaves, and bugs.  If these are neglected, they could clog the filter and make it more difficult for your water to be cleaned.

Clean Pool Bottom and Sides

Vacuuming your pool on a regular basis will also prevent the growth of algae and other dirt-related issues.  If you let dirt pile up at the bottom or along the sides of your pool, you may encourage staining and other negative eyesores to develop.  Invest in a good vacuum to make this task much easier.

Inspect and Repair Equipment Regularly

Keep up with the maintenance of your pool equipment and technology.  This is a simple way to make sure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently.  When you don't repair your equipment, you risk ruining it and then requiring an expensive replacement. Anytime you are unsure if your equipment is running correctly, trust the professionals to inspect and fix your pool equipment so that you know the problem is resolved.  

These are a few tips to keep pools properly maintained and safe for swimming.  When you pay attention to routine pool care, you won't have to worry about many issues or expensive replacements caused from lack of maintenance.  For those who are looking to hire a professional pool service in Orlando, contact the team at Pure and Simple Pool Care today.