8 Important Pool Maintenance Tips

8 Important Pool Maintenance Tips

8 Important Pool Maintenance Tips

Owning a pool requires completing specific tasks to keep it looking good and functioning correctly. A pool can offer plenty of fun and enjoyment, but it is critical to maintain it properly to ensure it lasts and needs few repairs in the coming years. Keeping a pool in excellent condition requires work and dedication throughout the summer and the rest of the year. Pure and Simple Pool Care offers pool service in Winter Park if you prefer to outsource your regular pool maintenance needs.

It will be easy to take care of the pool and ensure that it looks good and functions effectively with some essential tips. Here are 8 pool maintenance tips that will be sure to keep your pool in working order.

Skimming and scrubbing

Regular pool maintenance requires plenty of skimming and scrubbing. Skimming a pool is one of the most common and regularly completed types of care that a pool requires. This refers to removing leaves and other types of debris off the pool's surface and will likely need to be done every day to keep the pool in order and looking good.
Scrubbing doesn't have to be done as often but should be done at least every other week. Don't forget to scrub the sides of your swimming pool with a scrub brush to make sure the siding looks great. Also, watch for algae growth and use the scrub brush to ensure it doesn't build up.

Measure water quality

Testing water quality often, keeping chemicals balanced, and monitoring chlorine levels are critical. Without the proper chemical balance, a pool can harbor bacteria, look murky, and be dangerous for people to swim in. It is important to check water quality at least once a week during the summer months, but even more if possible. In addition, water should be checked about every two weeks in the winter months to make sure that chemical levels are balanced. The proper pH for a swimming pool is 7.4 to 7.6. Not balancing pH can lead to calcium buildup around the sides of the pool and other problems, so it's imperative to keep it maintained.

Check the water level.

Regularly checking the water level in your pool can ensure that it is not too low, which can cause problems with the pump. High water levels can also cause problems. You can expect water level changes after heavy storms or lots of pull usage, so do not forget to check it from time to time and make sure the water levels remain at the halfway point of your pool skimmer.

Clean collection pots and baskets

Removing lint and hair from the pot on your pool's pump is critical to do at least every two weeks. This requires turning off the pump and releasing system pressure. You will also want to clean out the pool skimmer basket and debris catcher or Leaf basket if you have these.

Use a tennis ball

Using a tennis ball in your pool can be a great way to help keep it clean. You want to drop a tennis ball into the pool and let it stay for a while. Tennis balls absorb oils that find their way into the water from hair products, lotions, and natural body oils. The tennis ball will absorb these oils and make your pull much cleaner.

Preparing for the winter

Doing a few things to winterize your pool will help avoid potential issues and ensure it's in great shape when the summer season rolls around. If you fail to winterize well, you may have to deal with costly repairs. Winterizing requires using a water testing kit to ensure that chemicals are balanced before you close your pool up for the year, getting extra water out of the plumbing lines, and covering it up tight to keep debris out.

Professional servicing

While you can do a lot of the maintenance needed on your pool on your own, it is also essential to seek a professional for service at least once a year to ensure that the pool remains in good shape. Pool professionals can do things you can't for your pool, and they are particularly good at checking the equipment and parts such as filters, pumps, and heating systems. Their specialized knowledge can help make sure every aspect of your pool is working as it should and can help prolong its life. Pure and Simple Pool Care Specializes in pool service in Winter Park and would be proud to be of service today!