Pool Maintenance Tips for New Pool Owners

Pool Maintenance Tips for New Pool Owners

Pool Maintenance Tips for New Pool Owners

Your new pool has just been installed, and you're beyond excited to start swimming.  This excitement quickly becomes overwhelming once you realize that there is a long list of pool maintenance requirements.  However, with our pool care in Orlando, we can assist with your pool maintenance needs.  We make it easy for first-time pool owners to enjoy their pool without worrying about the hassle.  However, for those who choose to take care of their pool on their own, here are a few maintenance tips that will make your pool safe and clean for swimming use.

Pool Filtration

Pool filters are necessary for removing small debris and particles that get into your pool water from the surrounding areas.  Filters clean out materials like sand and particle matter that can build up and cloud the water.  You want to be sure that your pool filter is working properly by checking on it.  You will also want to replace and clean filter cartridges by hosing them down regularly.  This will avoid clogging and issues from developing and breaking the filtering cycle.  

Daily Sanitizing

In addition to proper filtration, you also want to keep up with the sanitization of your pool water on a daily basis.  This involves using chlorine, pool shock, and stabilizer to ensure that your water is safe for swimming.  Chlorine tablets are a great and easy way to chlorinate your swimming pool.  You want your chlorine levels to read between 1.0 and 2.0 ppm, which will be detected when you test with a pool strip.  Pool shock also kills germs and algae that can grow in your water.  Maintaining clean and clear water will keep your pool in great shape.

Pool Circulation

You pool pump will keep the water properly circulating through the pool, drawing water out of the pool and running it through the filter, then back to the pool.  The pump works daily to ensure properly cleaned water.  Be sure to clean your pump basket each and every day, which will help to keep the water properly circulating.  Run your pump for at least 8 hours each day.  If you are looking to improve your water conditions, you will want to run it for even longer.  When you hear strange sounds coming from your filter, you will want to check your water pump to ensure it is working properly.  

These are a few key maintenance tips required to keep your pool safe and clean for swimming use at any time.  You'll want to keep up with your pool care in Orlando to prevent large issues from arising and always make it open for use.  If you are searching for quality pool care, trust Pure and Simple Pool with your pool maintenance needs.  Contact us to hear about our expert services and schedule an appointment with us today.