Pool Chemical Levels that Need to Be Maintained

Pool Chemical Levels that Need to Be Maintained

Pool Chemical Levels that Need to Be Maintained

Many pool owners know that they need to keep the chemicals in their pool water balanced in order to provide functional and safe swimming conditions.  This requires their awareness to each of these levels and how to keep them properly balanced by adding the right mixture of additional chemicals.  As a company that specializes in pool service in Winter Park, we offer our expertise to help keep our customers pools safe for swimming and open all the time.  


The most common chemical that needs to remain balanced in a swimming pool is chlorine.  Keeping a safe level of chlorine will keep your water sanitized and free from germs.  Too much chlorine, however, can burn your eyes.  There is a perfect balance to keep your swimmers safe.

Cyanuric Acid

This chemical helps to protect the chlorine from exposure to the sun and also helps to determine how much chlorine is needed for your pool water.  Typically, you will want your cyanuric acid levels to stay between 30 and 50.  Testing strips can help you determine whether these levels are being maintained.

PH Levels

Balanced pH levels help to determine the proper acidity of your pool water.  Pool water that has too high of a pH level is going to be too acid, which can irritate a person's skin.  You want to keep the pH levels of your swimming pool in the neutral zone, which is between 7.5 and 7.8.  This also helps to keep your pool equipment from becoming damaged or eroded too early.

Total Alkalinity

You will want to test for the total alkalinity in order to help keep your pH levels balanced.  These two work hand-in-hand by relying on the mixture of chemicals in order to keep the proper levels in your pool water.  Alkalinity levels should measure between 60 and 120.

Calcium Hardness

The appropriate levels of calcium in your pool can prevent plaster damage that can occur over time.  If your pool has vinyl siding, you will be able to have a lower level of calcium in your pool.  Pools with liners should aim for a range of 220 to 350 in order to maintain the proper levels to avoid damages.

If balancing the chemical levels of your pool poses a challenge to you, consider hiring a pool service in Winter Park to help assist you.  We can bring all the necessary chemicals to your home so that you don't have to worry about storing or buying them yourself.  Pool service is a convenient way to ensure that your pool stays safe and ready for swimming at any time.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our pool maintenance experts.