How to Keep Your Florida Pool Safe from Electricity

How to Keep Your Florida Pool Safe from Electricity

How to Keep Your Florida Pool Safe from Electricity

Many Florida homeowners have installed lighting features in and around their swimming pools.  This enhances the ambience during the evenings, which allows for swimming even when the sun goes down.  However, whenever water and electricity mix, there can be a number of hazards.  As a company specializing in pool service in Winter Park, we keep our customers and their swimming pools safe from harm's way by balancing chemicals and ensuring clean water.  It is also critical to practice water safety when it comes to electrical dangers as well.  There are a few ways you can keep your Florida pool safe from electrical issues.

Maintain Your Pool

By maintaining your pool on a routine basis, you can avoid electrical accidents from occurring.  You should upgrade your pool lighting whenever you notice wear and tear.  This will prevent any malfunctioning or decay from compromising its quality.  Regular maintenance by a quality pool service in Winter Park can keep your pool clean and clear of electrical hazards.  Our team will be able to recognize any obvious electrical hazards present.

Keep Electrical Equipment Far Away

Whenever you need to use electrical equipment near your pool, you want to be sure to always keep it at least five feet away from the water's edge.  This will keep it from coming into contact with any water.  Anytime the electrical equipment comes into contact with your water, you and those who are in the water may be at risk for electrocution.  Just because you are not in the water doesn't mean that you are safe from electrocution.  In fact, you could conduct the electricity and pass it on once you get into the water, posing a danger to everyone.

Be Proactive

Whenever you perform routine inspections, you can avoid any electrical accidents from occurring near your swimming pool.  Be sure that you are following any codes that apply to Winter Park and also engage in proper cleaning and pool services to maintain your pool.  If you are unsure if something is safe, contact a professional to come out and inspect your pool to ensure you are keeping you and your loved ones safe from electrocution.

These are just a few of the tips to follow in order to keep your swimming pool safe from electrical hazards.  Because you likely want to keep your swimming pool open for night swims, you likely have some type of lighting features in or around your pool.  Be sure to practice electrical safety to keep all of your swimmers safe from these hazards.  You also want to keep your pool properly maintained and cleaned by using a pool service in Winter Park.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our experienced pool service team.