How to Clean Your Pool after Hurricane Damage

How to Clean Your Pool after Hurricane Damage

How to Clean Your Pool after Hurricane Damage

Have you recently suffered flooding or hurricane damages to your swimming pool?  A swimming pool is a large investment for a homeowner, so they will want to protect it and restore it to its former state after it suffers from major hurricane or weather damage.  After a storm rolls through the area, there are many damages to assess and report, and you'll want to do so quickly so you can begin repairs.  Our pool service in Winter Park has helped countless pool owners get back on their feet, and into their pools, after suffering hurricane damages to their swimming pools.  There are a few different steps to take to clean your pool after you suffer from hurricane damage.

Assess and Report Damages

The first thing you will want to do anytime you incur damages to your property is to assess the damages.  Be sure to report these damages to your insurance company so you can get compensation for repairs.  This process may be lengthy, especially at a time when many other residents have suffered a similar situation, so you'll want to start this immediately.

Check for Structural Damage

Before you do anything to repair your pool, you want to thoroughly inspect  for any structural damage.  If your pool has suffered structural damage, it may be at risk for flooding or even breaking.  Check for cracks, debris, leaks, and high water levels.  These can indicate much larger issues that pose a risk or danger for your home or neighborhood.

Remove Debris from Pool

After you deem the area to be safe, you can start to remove any debris from the pool and pool area.  This can include branches that have blown into your yard or pool, debris from nearby yards, or anything that doesn't belong there.  You'll want to use the skimmer and vacuum to remove smaller debris from the sides, top, and bottom of your pool.

Clean the Filter

After you clean your pool, be sure to give some attention to the filer to ensure it is properly working.  Because of the large amount of debris that has made its way into your pool, it may be overworked or broken from the storm.  Take some time to take care of your filter and restore its function.

Chlorinate the Water

You will want to add a lot of chlorine to your pool water to remove any germs or bacteria that could have travelled into the water during the storm.  Environmental contaminants can actually cause a lot of damage to your water if neglected, so be sure to use a lot of chlorine in the days after the storm to get your water safe for swimming once again.


These are just a few of the steps to clean your pool after your home and property have been damaged from a hurricane.  After a hurricane rolls through the area, you will want to trust the professionals to care for and restore your pool back to its former state.  Contact our professionals in pool service in Winter Park to take care of your needs so you can focus on rebuilding other aspects of your life.