Four Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

Four Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

Four Tips to Prepare Your Pool for the Summer

Even though Florida weather is gorgeous all year round, many people still enjoy when school lets out and everyone can enjoy the outdoors together.  Once summer rolls around, you will likely be spending many more of your days and nights lounging in your swimming pool.  To make sure your pool is summer-ready, you want to give it some extra care before the season starts.  Our pool service in Orlando has many tips to get you started.  Here are a few tips to properly prepare your pool for the summer.

Clean Around Your Pool

At the beginning of each summer, you should remove any debris or dirt from around the exterior of your pool.  Hose down the walkways near your pool or pressure wash any decking that may surround your pool.  In addition to boosting its appearance, it will also make it safe for those who are swimming.  This will help remove any tripping hazards and also prevent any tough stains from forming.

Test Chlorine

One of the most important aspects of keeping your pool safe for swimming is testing your chlorine.  This will ensure that the levels of chemicals in your pool water are not too low or too high.  To test your chlorine levels, use a test strip.  If you need to add anymore chlorine, you'll want to do so.  This will help keep your water clean and clear.

Check Your Filter

Each summer, you should check your pool filter to ensure that it is working properly.  You may need to change out any of the chemicals if you notice any oils or grease on the machine.  Also, you want to ensure that your filter is running properly by checking the clarity of the water frequently.  When you notice any issues, you'll want to contact a pool service in Orlando for help.

Check Pool for Damages

At the beginning of each major swimming season, you should always thoroughly inspect your swimming pool for any damages.  This can include cracks, leaks, tears, or other blemishes.  When you notice tears or cracks in a vinyl liner, it may be time to consider a replacement or a repair.  Be sure to note this damage so that you can keep an eye on it over time to be sure it doesn't get worse.

These are just a few of the tips to follow in order to prepare your pool for the Florida summer ahead.  Once your pool is ready for the season, many of those maintenance tasks may not even need to occur until next year.  If you wish to avoid the hassle of caring for your swimming pool, trust the professionals at our pool service in Orlando to take care of it for you.  Contact us to hear about our range of pool care services today.