Four Tips for Shocking Your Pool for Algae Removal

Four Tips for Shocking Your Pool for Algae Removal

Four Tips for Shocking Your Pool for Algae Removal

Have you noticed algae growing in your Florida swimming pool?  Seeing green in your swimming pool can limit your desire to go swimming, which will make your swimming pool sit there vacant over time.  Avoid this problem and treat your pool with the proper care routine to removal the algae.  Although this process may take some time, it will result in clear water that is safe and attractive for swimming.  You can also trust our pool service in Orlando to remove the algae with our professional chemicals and equipment.  There are a few tips you'll want to follow when it comes time to shock your pool for algae removal.

Clean the Pool Thoroughly

Before you get started on shocking your pool to remove algae, you should always clean it thoroughly.  This will remove any algae that may be sticking to the sides of the pool and loosen them for easy removal.  Also, you'll want to clear and debris from the pool as this can interfere with the process.  Take some time to rake the bottom to ensure that all algae is loosened and all debris is removed.

Assess the Extent of the Algae

One of the first things you'll need to do is assess the extent of the algae in your pool.  You will have to look for the severity of the green color in your pool.  Light green water indicates that the water is mostly clear but there are some algae present.  Darker green, on the other hand, will be visibly limited, indicating severe algae growth.  The darker in color the pool water, the more shock you will need to eradicate the issue.

Add Shock

Shocking your pool will be the most complicated part, as the amount of shock will vary depending on the extent of your algae.  As a rule of thumb, you should shock your pool until the green color fades away.  Typically, it will become a blueish-gray color.  This indicates that there is enough shock to kill the algae.  You will want to wait a while, typically 12-24 hours, to notice the shock at work.  

Clean Your Pool Again

After this time, you should take a brush and scrub the sides and bottom of your pool.  This will release any of the chemicals that have settled.  Also, be sure that you keep your filter running throughout this entire process, and also remove any of the stuff that builds up in your filter basket.  This will ensure that the water is fully being processed and cleaned, which will allow the shock to work more effectively.  You will start to notice better visibility in your pool water.

By following these tips, you'll be able to eradicate your pool of the algae issue and you'll once again have clear water for swimming.  If you are tired of looking at the green, murky water, you should trust our pool service in Orlando to take care of the algae removal for you.  Contact us to hear about our range of pool care and maintenance services today.