Four Simple Steps to Maintain Your Florida Pool

Four Simple Steps to Maintain Your Florida Pool

Four Simple Steps to Maintain Your Florida Pool

Are you looking for pool maintenance tips and tricks?  Do you want to spend less time working on the pool and more time enjoying it?  Our pool service in Orlando is here to help.  We offer our central Florida pool owner clients a range of services to make sure their pool is always clean and safe for swimming.  This means that your pool can be ready for swimming whenever you step in the door after a long work day.  If you are someone who is looking to maintain your pool yourself, you'll want to follow these expert tips and tricks we use.  Here are a few steps that will help you maintain your Florida pool.

Use the Right Equipment

Cleaning your swimming pool can be made much simpler if you keep the right equipment ready.  Equipment like a proper strainer, sweeper, and pool net are necessary items that make cleaning your pool easy.  Be sure to invest in a few simple staples that will work efficiently and properly to keep your pool free of dirt and debris.  This way, it will be easy to skim or sweep the dirt away using quick methods and the right tools.

Always Use Chemicals

Pool owners who think they can save money by opting out of proper chemicals are incorrect.  In fact, this can end up causing more harm than good.  Pool water needs to be regulated using chemicals that all pool owners should store for easy usage.  This includes chlorine, pool shock, baking soda, and other water testing chemicals depending on your pool water needs.  Be sure that your pool chemicals are not outdated by checking their dates each year.

Inspect Your Filter

A pool filter is necessary to keep your pool clean and clear of issues.  Without it, your pool water can become murky, full of algae, or even unsafe for swimming.  Be sure to keep your filter's manual in a safe place in case any issues ever arise.  Also, you'll want to check to make sure your filter is running at optimal efficiency to keep your water in the best shape possible.

Keep Your Water Levels High

You should always keep your pool's water levels high, but not completely full.  This allows your pump to be able to efficiently pump the water through the pool filter.  If your pool water is too low, it will not be able to reach the pump, which will cause it to sit stagnant.  If it is too high, it will cause too much stress on the filter.  Make sure to keep your pool water at an appropriate level by ensuring that your filter is pumping water through it regularly.

By following these simple steps, you can save yourself a lot of time when it comes to pool maintenance.  Stop worry about pool maintenance entirely and hire our trusted pool service in Orlando to keep your pool ready for swimming.  Contact us to hear about the services we provide and get on our schedule today.