Four Pool Maintenance Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Four Pool Maintenance Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Four Pool Maintenance Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Are you a pool owner who struggles to maintain their swimming pool on a regular basis?  Are you a new pool owner that is trying to learn the basics of pool care?  Whenever you own a pool, you'll quickly realize that there are a few important tasks that you'll need to do on a regular basis to keep your pool safe for swimming.  This includes cleaning, chemical maintenance, filter care, keeping parts up-to-date, and much more.  If you are overwhelmed by the pool care process, you should consider hiring a pool service in Winter Park.  We will take care of all your pool maintenance needs so that you can avoid making some of these common mistakes.  Here are some pool care mistakes that you'll want to avod making as a new pool owner.

Adding Shock Right into the Pool

Many people simply throw the shock right into the pool from its original container.  However, this can cause a buildup of shock granules that can sit at the bottle of your pool and dissolve your liner.  To avoid this issue, you should put the shock into a bucket of water first.  Then, dump the bucket of water into your pool water.  This will allow it to better disperse through the water.

Ignoring Your pH Levels

If you don't take the time to make sure that the water maintains the right pH levels, you can find yourself facing unsafe water for swimming.  Too much pH indicates alkalinity, and too little pH signals acidity.  You want to keep your water in the middle.  Having too high or too low of a pH can damage your pool equipment, like your pump, filter, lining, and heater.  To prevent this issue, you should test your pool water regularly and adjust the chemicals as needed.

Not Running Your Filter Long Enough

Many people will want to save electricity by only running their pool filter for a few hours each day.  However, your filter should be running for over eight hours each day in order to keep the water safe.  This will rid your pool of any contaminants, debris, or even critters.  You want to allow for over eight hours of filtering so that all the water from your pool can be cleaned each day.

Skipping the Pool Brush

Pool owners are no stranger to the pool vacuum, but many people forget to also use the pool brush.  Unlike the vacuum, the pool brush will help clean those hard-to-reach areas, like behind ladders, in corners, and at the waterline.  This will help prevent the buildup of scum and other contaminants that can develop into eyesores or even unsafe water conditions.

These are a few of the most common mistakes that pool owners make when it comes to caring for their swimming pool.  In order to maintain the right chemical balance and pool care schedule, trust the professionals in pool service in Winter Park to take care of this for you.  Contact us to get on our schedule today.