What You Need to Know About Covering Your Pool for Winter

What You Need to Know About Covering Your Pool for Winter

What You Need to Know About Covering Your Pool for Winter

People have diverse opinions on closing their pool for the winter. Those who choose to close their pool for the winter can make use of the wonderful services made available by many pool services in Winter Park. It is worth noting that most people use their pool less frequently during the winter period because the days are usually shorter during winter period.

Pool service in winter park is available to help pool owners who are closing down their pool for the winter period. Covering your pool for the winter is not as simple as it seems, you need to begin the process early enough before covering your swimming pool to make sure you provide enough time to carry out some necessary steps. Some facts you need to know about covering your swimming pool for winter are listed as follows::

Do not drain your pool

A question that runs through the mind of pool owners willing to close up their swimming pool during the winter period is whether they should drain their pool or leave the water throughout the winter period. Draining all the water in the pool is not the best approach – most pool services in Winter Park will recommend that you not drain your pool as it can result into cracks and rips in the pool lining.

If you think your swimming pool may freeze completely, you can reduce the water in the pool to about five inches below the skimmer and jets to prevent bursting of pipes. However, it is unlikely that your swimming pool will freeze completely.

Be sure that your chemicals are balanced

A good pool service in Winter Park will help you to maintain your chemical balance throughout the winter period. To ensure that your swimming pool last longer, it is necessary to maintain chemical balance all year round and most importantly, during the winter period. Some pool owners do not see any reason in maintaining chemical balance during the winter. They assume that chemical balancing is only necessary when people are using the pool. This is a wrong idea because too much chlorine can lead to damage and the deposition of corrosive calcium and the pool becomes a habitat for bacteria when the chlorine level is low.

Clean up all the pool hardware

A Pool service in Winter Park will help with the removal and effective cleaning of pool hardware like pool ladders, hoses, diving board, and pool vacuum. The use of skimmer is effective for the removal debris from the pool. The best way to tidy up the sliding and the tiles is by scrubbing. When you engage the services of the pool service winter park, they will ensure the filters are neat and the bottom of the swimming pool is free from dirt and leaves.

Limit power to the pool

One of the advantages of employing the pool service winter park is to save you from spending huge amount on costly repairs and to minimize your overall spending as regards your pool maintenance. You save a lot of money by reducing the amount of power going into your pool during the winter.

For advice about maintaining your pool in the winter season, call us or email us today for excellent pool service and maintenance.