Tips to Prevent the Growth of Algae in Your Orlando Pool

Tips to Prevent the Growth of Algae in Your Orlando Pool

Tips to Prevent the Growth of Algae in Your Orlando Pool

Have you noticed a green substance growing on the sides of your swimming pool in Orlando?  You likely have algae growing and spreading throughout your pool.  These algae will need to be removed and thoroughly cleaned out before it continues to spread and turn all of the water in the pool a dark green color.  Once it spreads, it will only get worse.  As a pool service in Orlando, we recommend a few tips in order to prevent the growth of algae in your Orlando pool.

Shock Your Pool

Each week, you should add shock to the water in your swimming pool.  Shock will help to eliminate algae spores that your typical cleaning sanitizers may have missed.  The shock will also give your chlorine a boost, which will also aide in preventing the growth of algae.

Check Chlorine Levels

When you add sanitizer or chlorine to your swimming pool, it will effectively work to prevent algae from growing.  In order to ensure that your water stays within the safe sanitizer range, you must test the pool water daily.  If chlorine levels are too high or too low, your water may not be at its optimal safety levels for swimmers.  If your chlorine levels are too low, your pool will be susceptible to algae growth.  Be sure to keep your water at the perfect chlorine range for both swimming and algae prevention.  

Make Sure the Filter is Working

To check that your filter is circulating water properly, you want to check and clean the filter cleaner baskets and also routinely use the skimmer.  This will help to keep debris off the surface of your pool, which can build up and clog your pool's circulation system.  You also want to clean your cartridge filter and keep your pool vacuumed and cleaned regularly.  

Use Algaecide Regularly

In order to fully prevent the growth of algae, we recommend that you use algaecide on a routine basis.  Algaecides are designed to keep your pool water clean and algae-free.  There are many different types of algaecide that target the many types of algae that typically grow in the water.  It works to effectively stop the growth of algae spores, which will eventually turn your pool into a green mess.

To avoid the growth of algae in your Orlando pool, follow these simple tips to ensure proper and clean pool water.  Trust Pure and Simple Pool Care, a pool service in Orlando, with all of your pool care needs before they get worse and deem your pool unusable.  When you notice algae growing in your swimming pool, contact us to hear about our algae removal process today.