Tips for Easy Pool Maintenance

Tips for Easy Pool Maintenance

Tips for Easy Pool Maintenance

Many homes in central Florida come equipped with pools to help residents cool off during those hot, sunny days common in our area.  However, there is nothing worse than jumping in your pool only to realize it's dirty, filmy, or unbalanced.  You will immediately put a damper on what was planning to be a relaxing afternoon spent lounging in the pool.  As a pool service in Orlando, we can recommend that you follow these few tips for easy pool maintenance.

Clean Skimmer Baskets Every Week

Each week, take a walk around your pool and clean out your skimmer baskets.  This will help to keep your filter from clogging, which will back up its ability to filter out any impurities.  Without cleaning out your skimmer baskets, you will see a buildup of dirt and debris in your pool.

Check Your Water Level

Make sure that your water level is at the appropriate level to ensure its function.  Be sure that your pool's water level is at the center level of your skimmer or pool tile for maximum function.  If your water level is too low, this could run the pump dry, which could make it burn out.  If the water level is too high, it will keep the skimmer door shut.  

Check Your Chlorinator

Be sure that you check your chlorinator on a routine basis.  You should do this every few days.  Some chlorinators are more recently being designed to have a constant deposit of chlorine to help regulate your pool water.

Clean Pool Filters

You should also clean your pool filters regularly.  This will help your water to flow efficiently, wasting little to no water in the process.  It will also help to keep your water clean and clear, which is exactly what you want your pool water to look like.  Although this job may seem tedious, it is only required to be performed a few times a year.

Check Water Balance

Pool water must have a healthy and safe balance of chemicals.  You will want to check the chemistry of your pool about twice a week to maintain safe levels.  You want to invest in chemical testing pool strips and keep them handy.  This will alert you to what chemicals are low or high to know how to properly adjust.

By following these five simple tips, you can keep your pool clean, safe, and balanced all the time.  You will never again have to worry about interrupting your afternoon dip in the pool with a cleaning session again.  Contact us today if you want to hire a pool service in Orlando to help you live a more stress-free life in a clean pool every single day.