Make Your Pool Cleaner and Longer Lasting by Controlling Water Levels

Make Your Pool Cleaner and Longer Lasting by Controlling Water Levels

Make Your Pool Cleaner and Longer Lasting by Controlling Water Levels

Your pool's water levels significantly affect your swimming pool. Incorrect water levels may mean that you need to replace your pool equipment, including filters, sooner. When the water level is not correct, your pool is harder to clean because algae grows more readily. Your water level should be about halfway on your skimmer. If your pool level is not correct, here are some possible problems and solutions.

Low Water Levels in Swimming Pools

If the water level in your pool drops below the skimmer, then your pool's pump cannot operate correctly. If caught in time, you may only have to replace the shaft seal. If the pool pump runs dry too long, however, it can melt the pump housing. Then, you must buy a new swimming pool pump.

Algae increases when the water level gets too low. If your pool has too much algae, then it can damage your pool's filters causing you to need to have them replaced sooner. Additionally, algae in swimming pools makes the pool ugly, so you will not want to swim in it. You must also spend time cleaning your pool or pay someone, like the experts at Pure and Simple Pool Care, to do it for you.

How do You Prevent Low Water Levels

The first step that you should do to prevent low water levels is to not leave pool toys, like floaties, in the pool. When you leave items in the pool, then they block the skimmer so that water does not circulate through your pool correctly. When water does not flow properly, then your pool can be damaged.

You should add water to your pool as soon as you notice that the water level is too low. Do not backwash or vacuum the pool until the water level returns to normal because these activities further lower your swimming pool's water level, which can cause further damage.

High Water Levels in Swimming Pools

High water levels in swimming pools can also be problematic. If the water gets above the skimmer, then the water in your pool is not being cleaned effectively. The high-water level dilutes your pool's chemistry levels, so they are not functioning as intended.

What to Do About High Water Levels in Swimming Pools

Many people choose to do nothing about high water levels in swimming pools if they do not intend to swim for a couple of days because evaporation usually takes care of the problem. You may also want to have the pool backwashed to remove the excess water.

While you and your family need to make sure that they leave nothing in the pool when they have finished swimming, you can still experience incorrect pool levels. Hiring a pool service in Orlando helps keep your swimming pool in top working condition. Contact Pure and Simple Pool Care about their pool care services in Orlando today.