How the Weather Affects Your Swimming Pool

How the Weather Affects Your Swimming Pool

How the Weather Affects Your Swimming Pool

Chlorine and other pool chemicals are added to the water in your swimming pool to make sure that it stays safe for you and your family to swim in regularly. The weather can greatly affect the chlorine levels in your swimming pool. Therefore, you need to make sure that the right chemicals are added to your pool throughout the year.


Spring brings an intense urge to swim in your pool for the first time in many days. Before you dive in, you need to make sure that the pool is clean and that the filters are working properly. Then, the pool’s pH level needs to be adjusted to the right level. That is between 7.2 and 7.6 pH in most pools.

Heavy Rainfall

Summer can bring heavy rains to the Orlando area playing havoc with the chemical levels in your swimming pool. Long before you notice that heavy rains have caused the pool’s water level to rise, your pool chemicals become diluted. Additionally, the rain can cause your pool to get dirtier than normal unless your pool cover stayed firmly in place. After your pool is cleaned, then you need to use the right chemicals to clean the water before balancing the pH level again.

Hot Weather

Long sunny days may be the main reason that you enjoy living in Orlando so much. Unfortunately, water evaporates from your pool when the temperatures get hot during the summer. Additionally, since more people may be spending long periods of time in your pool, it may get dirtier. This is exactly the type of weather when algae can get ahead of you if you are not careful. Therefore, you need to hire a pool service in Orlando to clean, treat and maintain your pool on a regular basis.

Fall and Winter

Although it is still nice enough to swim in Orlando through much of the fall, leaves can wreak havoc on your pool in very short order. Therefore, it is necessary to keep your pool clean until you finally decide to close the pool for the winter if you do. The water level needs to be checked regularly along with the right pool chemicals added. Letting the water circulate in your pool throughout the winter helps stop algae from growing.

Regardless of the type of weather that you are enjoying, it is necessary to maintain your swimming pool properly. That is why you need to hire Pure and Simple Pool Care as your pool care in Orlando specialist all through the year. Give these experts a call today at 407-538-0284. They can make sure that your pool is ready to be enjoyed in any type of weather. Owner/operator Joshua Hildebrand is committed to providing outstanding customer service to his clients regardless of what Mother Nature sends to Orlando.