How to Treat Your Swimming Pool After a Storm

How to Treat Your Swimming Pool After a Storm

How to Treat Your Swimming Pool After a Storm

Your swimming pool can take a horrible beating during a storm. Therefore, it is necessary to clean your pool before you swim in it or you expose yourself to all types of bad stuff that can leave you sick. At the same time, you should never completely drain the water from your pool after a storm. Here are the steps to clean your pool after a storm. 

Skim Leaves and Debris

Grab your skimmer and get as many leaves and as much debris out of the water as possible. Manual skimmers often work best if your pool has a lot of waste in it because you have more control. You may also want to use a self-contained skimmer, but be sure to use one equipped to handle the size of debris that is in your pool or you risk tearing up the unit. Do not use any electrical skimmer at this point.  

Clean Pump Skimmer and Skimmer Baskets

Make sure that your pump skimmer and skimmer baskets are free of debris. If you rely on an automatic skimmer, then make sure your filter is in great shape before you begin. Depending on how much debris the storm has left behind, you may need to do this several times before your pool is ready for swimming.  

Restore Power

Scrutinize your pool’s electrical system before you restore the power. If you notice any signs of trouble, then call an electrician and do not turn on the power. It is better to be safe than sorry because electricity and water do not mix.  

Backwash Your Pool

If you have been able to restore power, then check the backwash filter to make sure that it is clean. Then, start backwashing your pool. Backwashing your pool will help stop your water from turning cloudy and help prevent algae from growing. Watch the PSI on your filter carefully because it may become dirty quickly. You should clean the filter if you notice a quarter to a third increase in this pressure.  

Bring Water Level Back to Normal

The next step is to bring the water level back to normal. You may need to siphon water out of your pool. In most cases, however, you can turn the pool’s filter to the waste position. If your pool has a DE filter, then recharge the filter. You will know that your pool’s water level is right when it hits the halfway point on your skimmer baskets.  


The next step is to vacuum your pool. Try to set up your filter so that it is filtering directly to waste. Otherwise, make sure that you are watching the pressure gauge as your filter will get dirty quickly.  

Shock and Balance Your Water

Before you take a dip, be sure to shock the pool and wait for the chlorine level to drop to about 3.0 ppm. Then, balance the water.  

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