How to Create a Pool Care Schedule

How to Create a Pool Care Schedule

How to Create a Pool Care Schedule

If you want to keep your pool in tip-top shape, you will need to stay on top of pool care and maintenance.  This can require a lot of time and effort, but it will increase the longevity of your pool and keep it from requiring costly repairs.  It also will keep your pool open and safe for use.  Central Floridians engage in routine pool care in order to keep their pools open all year round.  As a pool service in Orlando, we have a few tips on how you can create a pool care schedule that works for you.

Consider Your Schedule

When starting a pool care schedule, you need to be honest with yourself about your previously committed time.  Consider you and your family's needs and block off any days that are already too busy.  Once you decide your free times, consider how frequently you use your pool.  If you typically use your pool on the weekends, you want to make sure to maintain the pool on a day later in the week to ensure that it is ready and safe to swim in come Saturday and Sunday.  The more you use your pool, the more pool care you'll need to schedule.  If you use your pool often, you may require additional cleanings than if you only use your pool sparingly.  

Create a Pool Maintenance List

After you determine your availability and frequency, consider all of the different tasks you'll need to do in order to keep your pool up and running.  Your list should include:

Skimming and Brushing:  This is an important task that is required at least two times a week, and perhaps even more if you have lots of shrubs and trees around your pool.  Skimming will remove debris and brushing will help to keep dirt from resting on surfaces like ladders or stairs and also prevent algae growth.  
Vacuuming:  You should aim to vacuum the floors of your pool at least once a week.  This will help to remove any debris that wasn't picked up when you were skimming or brushing.  Vacuuming targets the bottom of the pool and any difficult to reach places.
Chemical Balance:  You should test your pool at least twice a week to make sure that there is a proper and safe balance of necessary chemicals to keep your pool water clean.  This will help prevent any major chemical issues from arising, which could pose dangers to your swimmers.
Inspection of Pool Pump, Filter, and Heater:  The equipment that keeps your pool running smoothly must also be routinely checked.  These ensure that chemicals are properly distributed, debris is properly removed, and your water is properly heated.  Be sure to look out for any issues and tend to these every few weeks.

Stick to Your Schedule

In order to stick to your schedule and keep your pool regularly maintained, it is important to hold yourself accountable.   Consider posting your schedule to your refrigerator or reminder board to keep track of what still needs done and when.  Carve time out of your schedule on designated days of the week to spend on pool care, and stick with a routine that works.  If something isn't working, adjust your pool care schedule to ensure that all tasks are still being completed.

Hire Help

If you are realizing that you cannot simply keep up with the work and maintenance your pool requires, considering hiring a pool service company to assist.  They will come out to clean, add chemicals, and repair any necessary issues in order to keep your pool safe and ready for use.  As a pool service in Orlando, we at Pure and Simple Pool Care offer a range of pool services for homeowners in central Florida.  Contact us today for quick and reliable pool care.