Everything You Need to Know About pH Balancing Your Pool

Everything You Need to Know About pH Balancing Your Pool

Everything You Need to Know About pH Balancing Your Pool

The pH balance of your swimming pool should be between 7.6 and 7.8. If it is not, then people swimming in your pool may get sick. Your pool’s liner will fail sooner, and your pool equipment may not function properly. The more time you and your family spend in your pool, the more important it is to have the level checked regularly.

What is pH?

pH is a measure of the hydrogen ion level of your swimming pool water or any water-soluble solution. It is measured on a scale from 0 to 14. If the water falls below 7 on the scale, then it is alkanoic, and it is often called basic. If the water is above 7, then the water is acidic. You want swimming pool water that is slightly acidic, but the level can raise very high, which can also be harmful.

What Causes Low pH in Swimming Pools?

Many different factors can cause the pH level in your swimming pool to go too low. The water that comes from your Winter Park municipal source or another source may not be properly balanced. Rainwater is normally acidic so when it gets into your swimming pool, your pH level can go down. Organic matter getting into your pool, like leaves, grass or twigs, can lower the level. Finally, even swimming in your pool can change its pH level.

What is the Effect of Low pH?

The effect of your pool’s pH level being too low can be felt almost immediately when you begin to swim. Your eyes will start stinging, your skin will feel dry and your nose will begin to feel dried out. A low pH level is also very harmful to your pool. Any metal features that are in your pool will begin to corrode. This may be water features, ladders, and railing screws. A low pH level is also bad on other pool surfaces, including grout, stone, and concrete. Your pool water will probably look cloudy. If your level drops below 7, then algae and bacteria can begin to grow in your pool. A low pH level also means that you will need to use more chlorine.

What is the Solution to Balancing the Water in Your Swimming Pool?

While some people recommend raising the pH level by adding baking soda to your pool, if your pool is off by very much, then adding baking soda can also change the total alkalinity of the pool’s water, which further compounds the problem. Therefore, the best solution is to use sodium carbonate. Since it must be put in the swimming pool using very specific techniques, it is best to call a pool service in Winter Park to do it. Give Pure and Simple Pool Care a call today as this pool service in Winter Park has years of experience in maintaining swimming pools properly.