Don’t End Up Going to the Emergency Room After a Quick Lap

Don’t End Up Going to the Emergency Room After a Quick Lap

Don’t End Up Going to the Emergency Room After a Quick Lap

One of the reasons that many people love living in Orlando is that the beautiful weather lets people enjoy swimming in their backyard swimming pools most of the year. These pools make an easy way to keep kids entertained while swimming laps after work can be a great way to unwind. Your pool area also makes a fantastic place to host a party. While you will spend many enjoyable hours in your pool, it can also be a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and other things that make you sick.

Swimming Pool Pathogens

There are many pathogens that may live in your swimming pool, and many of them will leave you feeling like you ate some bad food or have the flu. At least one person passed away in Georgia from E. coli in a swimming pool. Hepatitis A, which can make you feel very tired and cause your liver not to function properly, is transmitted from one person to another in swimming pool water. Noroviruses in pool water can cause sudden-onset vomiting.

Swimming Pool Parasites

There are some parasites that are particularly bad that can get in your swimming pool. One of them is cryptosporidium, which can cause diarrhea. This parasite can leave in your swimming pool for up to 10 days, and it is completely resistant to chlorine. Another parasite that loves to live in swimming pools is giardia. This disease, which also causes diarrhea, occurs when the water becomes infected through poop from a person carrying the disease. Even then, it can be difficult to keep all the bowel movement out of the pool because the average adult carries about a pea-size piece of fecal matter on them all the time while the average child carries fecal matter about the size of 10 peas.

What Can You Do?

Good hygiene should be practiced before and after being in the pool. It is especially important for young children to wash their behinds extremely well. If you and your family will be swimming for a period, then implement bathroom breaks. Take a shower before and after swimming to limit the number of bacteria on your body. Warn children to not drink the pool water or to spit pool water at each other.

Good Pool Maintenance

The only way to kill germs in your swimming pool is to maintain your pool regularly. Hiring a pool service in Orlando helps to ensure that your swimming pool stays in tip-top shape. A service, like Pure and Simple Pool Care, will test your water and use the right combination of chemicals to make sure that you and your loved ones are not getting sick while swimming. Hiring a pool service in Orlando also ensures that you have plenty of time to enjoy your pool without having to run to the pool supply store and do the maintenance work.