All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Stains

All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Stains

All You Need To Know About Swimming Pool Stains

Stains on the floors or walls of your swimming pool are as unpleasant as the stains on your home’s tiles, wall or carpet. Pool stains are not easily noticeable, but when you notice any stains in your pool, you need to act fast to fix it.

What causes pool stains?

Organic and metal compounds are the major causes of stains on the floors and walls of your pool. Pool stains have a distinctive color that can help you tell what triggered it to appear. Organic compounds bring about a stain that has a greenish-brown color. Natural elements like algae and leaves you left in your pool during winter will pollute the water and cause a stain on your swimming pool walls. On the other side, metals like iron, copper, and manganese bring about reddish-brown or black stains to appear in your pool. Also, when a swimmer's light-colored or blonde hair begins to turn green is a sign that there is a very high amount of copper in the water.

Metals are most times present in natural water. Well, water has a high level of metal and will bring about a high amount of stains than filtered water. If your pool was filled with well water, it is important that you call for reliable pool service in winter park to carry out regular testing. Metals also find a way into your swimming pool when your poorly maintain the water pH level. Acidic pH levels cause the water to be corrosive. Corrosion of components are mostly made of copper and will, therefore, increase the amount of metal in the water, generating stains on the floor and walls of your swimming pool.

Metals and their color of stain

  • Iron- green, rusty or brown
  • Manganese- brown, purple or black
  • Copper -green, black or blue

How to get rid of pool stains

If your swimming pool walls or floor as some stains, you can remove these stains by using a stiff brush to scrub away the stain. Doing this may not produce the desired result, so it is advisable you seek for pool service in winter park to help you get rid of these unattractive stains. A professional pool service in Winter Park as the right cleaning agents like a diphosphonic acid bases pool stain remover or Enzyme-based cleaners to help you remove the stains within a twinkle of the eye. Some homeowner makes use of vinyl or tile cleaner to remove stains on their pool. However, this is very rigorous as it requires a lot of scrubbing.

Before a professional pool service in winter park begins to clean stains, they will first check the water for metals. Doing so will help them determine what minerals are present in the water and what sort of cleaning agent they will use. They will also treat the water to prevent metals from reoccurring again. When there is a very high amount of metal in the water, it is best to drain the pool and refill it fresh water. If you want your pool always to look attractive and last longer, then you need to take your pool maintenance serious. For a proper pool maintenance call us today on 407-538-0284 or send an email to for a free consultation today.