Winter Pool Services Tips

Winter Pool Services Tips

Winter Pool Services Tips

Pool owners decide whether to close down their pool or not during the winter season. Closing down your pool for the winter is not as simple as it seems because you cannot close your pool and forget about it. Your pool requires maintenance during the winter season. This is why you need to get pool service Orlando is there to help pool owners who consider the winter as a period during which home pool is closed. While some pool owners may decide not to close their pool, many others close their pool because they are oblivious of what winter pool service Orlando entails. It is not advisable to allow your pool turn green due during the winter period. It is better to avail yourself the opportunity of the pool services winter park. This article is structured to give you useful tips that will help you maintain your pool during winter. Irrespective of your decision whether to close your pool or not, the maintenance tips will be of great help.

1. Keep up with basic pool cleaning

While basic cleaning may seem unimportant, vacuuming and skimming on a regular basis can help keep your pool clean and attractive during winter. Algae grow when you give them the opportunity; they proliferate when debris is left in the water. Engaging the pool services winter park for weekly pool cleaning services will ensure your water stays crystal clear throughout the year.

2. Use your pump

There are chances that many of the pool amenities remain idle during the winter. Meaning, the pump is not as active as it was during the summer months. It is therefore essential to turn on the pump for a few hours every day. This will ensure water circulation thereby hindering the growth of bacteria and algae. Run your pool pump for a minimum of four hours every day during the winter.

3. Engage the heater

Mild winter does not mean the weather cannot get cold. Occasional heating of your pool can help keep your oasis at the right temperature for swimming irrespective of the prevailing temperature. Routine pool heater services are essential to keep your heating system functioning effectively. This can reduce your heating cost.

4. Check the water balance

Checking the water balance is an important part of effective winter pool maintenance. Pure and Simple Pool Care, a pool service winter park is an expert at testing and maintaining the water chemistry of your pool. Every pool owner must know that occasional running of the pump for few hours every day is not enough to stop the proliferation of harmful algae and bacteria, it goes beyond that. They must also make sure the water chemistry is accurately balanced. When you ensure a proper balance of chemical in the water, the water will be safe to swim in throughout the year.

5. Clean the surrounding area of the pool

Another useful tip that will ensure proper maintenance of your pool during the winter is to clean the pool surrounding. Cleaning the pool surroundings will not allow dirt, leaves, and debris to find their way into it.

6. Use winter blanket

Pool blankets are essential during the winter; it helps to trap heat during the pool water. This consequently stabilizes the water chemistry and also reduces heating cost during the winter month. Pool blanket help to keep dirt away from your pool and also reduces the number of times you have to reheat your pool in spring. A professional Pool service Orlando will provide you with the right winter blanket for effective maintenance of your pool during the winter season. Contact Pure and Simple Pool Care on 407 538 0284 today.