4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear

4 Tips for Keeping Your Pool Clean and Clear

Everyone loves a clear and sparkling pool because it is an effective way to relax, unwind and distress after a long day. A clear pool, however, doesn’t come on its own. You, as a pool owner, need to make efforts to keep your pool crystal clear every time.

There are some effective tips that can make your pool clear and sparkling. Some of them are:

1. Maintain Your Chemical Levels

To keep your pool water clear, you should make effort to maintain the proper chemical level. The important properties to take note are the chlorine and the pH level. Chlorine is important in keeping the water clear as it kills germs and bacteria.

The pH level is the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of your pool water. It determines the effectiveness of chlorine in keeping your pool water clean. Form a habit of measuring the pH and chlorine level twice a week.

Ideally, you should have a chlorine level of between 1 and 3 parts per million and an average pH level of 7.6 plus or minus 0.2. If you have a low chlorine level, add more. If the pH level is too high, you need to make it slightly acidic. If the pH level is too low as well, add an alkaline solution to bring it down.

2. Administer Algaecide and Shock Weekly

It is not enough to maintain the right pH and chlorine levels. You might need to boost the water slightly to keep it clear and sparkling. You should form a habit of shocking your pool to kill any algae or bacteria that could be thriving.

You can get shock treatments at the local pool supply store. However, be sure to read the instructions on how to use the package. If by any chance your pool is infested with algae, use an algaecide – a product designed to kill algae.

3. Backwash

The importance of the pool filter is critical in keeping the pool water clear. This is because it gets rid of small debris and dirt from the water, keeping it clean. You should endeavor to clean your filter regularly if you want it to be effective.

This is what is called backwashing which makes the water flow in the opposite direction in order to clean the filter. If you have a cloudy pool, you should consider backwashing your filter.

4. Regular Skimming

Getting rid of organic materials and debris like insects, leaves etc are important to have a clear and clean pool. Although the filter will get rid of small particles, large items could be stuck in the system. Large items if left in the water could decompose and leave the pool dirty and cloudy. As a result, you have to skim the pool water in order to get rid of the larger debris.

Clear and clean pool water is the dream of every pool owner. While your pool water will not be clear overnight, you can make effort to keep it clear and clean. Get in contact with us at Pure and Simple Pool care if you need quality pool service in Winter Park. We provide pool maintenance service that will make you happy and save you money. Call us today on (407) 538-0284 or email us at pureandsimplepoolcare@gmail.com for a free consultation.