3 Pool Care Tips You Might Not Be Aware Of

3 Pool Care Tips You Might Not Be Aware Of

3 Pool Care Tips You Might Not Be Aware Of

Making pool maintenance a priority is one of the ways to get the most out of your pool. To maintain your pool, you do not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Asides, learning some simple pool care tips can help save money in the long run.

In this regard, we have discussed some simple tips to help care for your swimming pool. This will result in a healthy swimming pool, which is the pride of every pool owner.

1. Shock Your Pool

Many people hold the notion that pools have to be shocked only when it’s closed or opened for the season. This is wrong as everyone entering the pool introduces one thing or the other into your pool. Many people come in sweats, all forms of deodorants and body odors etc. This is why a reliable pool service in Winter Park will recommend regular testing of the pool

Most times, chlorine treatment cannot get rid of some organic contaminants in the pool. This calls for shocking of the pool which is really helpful if your pool hosts a lot of people and animals as well. Also, if you have a cloudy pool after rain or a heavy use, that is a pointer to a less effective shock.

One can add chemicals when the chlorine level gets to one part per million. Shock treatment should, however, be done after usage. Aftershock treatment, it is recommended that one vacuums the pool the next day. One, however, needs to make sure that the chlorine level returns to normal before use.

2. Get a Solar Cover

A solar cover is recommended if you desire to use your pool for the fall season. These covers surface directly on the water which serves as an insulation to guard against heat loss and evaporation. This could help reduce the need to frequently replenish your pool.

There are many designs of solar cover thus, getting the one to use should be quite easy. If you will not use your pool for some days, using the solar cover at night is a good idea. A good pool service in winter park, however, will advise that one should remove the solar cover completely before getting into the pool.

3. Backwash the Sand Filter You use

If the reading on your gauge filter gets to 10 pounds more than the start-up pressure, you should consider backwashing (the process of cleaning the sand filter system) the filter. This process is pretty cheap, compared to replacing the sand. It is also a way to get optimum performance of the sand filter.Backwashing is a way to keep debris out of the pool via the waste pipe system since the water passes through the reverse. It takes less time and can really help preserve the filter system.

Maintaining a pool does not have to cost a fortune. This is why we recommend preventive maintenance and care. This will prevent any problem and avoid complications. Should you, however, need the service of a pool expert, feel free to give Pure and Simple Pool Care a call today for quality pool service in Orlando.