Keeping Your Swimming Pool Infection-Free

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Infection-Free

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Infection-Free

Swimming is a great way to stay healthy

Swimming pools are a great way to spend leisure time, relax the whole body and enjoy the cool temperature of the water. By swimming in the pool, one can also exercise the body as well.

According to fitness experts, swimming generally exercises almost all the muscles of the body and ensures that your body stays fit and well-toned. Swimming also improves the cardiovascular system of the body. In fact, some of the fitness experts favour swimming over jogging in improving the cardiovascular system because it is not injury prone as much as jogging is.

As good as swimming is however, careful attention must be paid to the type of swimming pool to choose when going for a swimming adventure.

The best swimming pool to choose is the one whose water is well managed and treated; otherwise one may risk infection such as folliculitis.

What is Folliculitis?

Folliculitis is the changes to the follicles, the small buds on the human skin from which the hair grows. The change is usually a reddish inflammation of the skin. It is also sore-like and bumps in look like pimples, and it disfigures the skin and makes it rough on the surface.

When some reddish bumps, pimples that are reddish or with white heads, rashes, swollen skin that leaks pus or oozes, blisters that break open or has become rusty and so on appears on the skin; and are found on some region of the body such as the neck, armpit, chest, thigh, back, hands, check regions, and are accompanied by mild or severe itching – then such person might have been infected by folliculitis.

Anybody can suffer from folliculitis, even those who live a very healthy life style. However, there are some known causes of this skin infection.

There are factors that cause Folliculitis infection, but it is mainly by the introduction of skin pathogens on the skin follicles which later develops fully. Such pathogens include fungal, bacterial, and viral and so on.

One of the easiest ways to contact this infection is through skin contact with contaminated water, especially through bathing tube and swimming pools.

Keeping your swimming pool free from infections

It is important to prioritize a swimming pool’s water sanitation so that it doesn’t become a source of infection and discomfort to the users. There are several ways of treating the swimming pool’s water to ensure that it is infection-free, such as filtering the water to remove pollutants, testing the pool water’s chlorine and pH levels, disinfecting to kill infectious micro-organisms, and other management methods. Carry out these pool maintenance activities as often as possible especially during periods of heavy usage.

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